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Friday Fun {Cozy Sweaters & Hot Cocoa}


Happy friday everyone! With the chill upon us, I thought I would use that as the theme for today’s Friday Fun. A steaming bowl of ramen for dinner, and a nice maca hot cocoa for something sweet. Wrap yourself in a cozy sweater and curl up by the fire. Sounds heavenly for this weekend doesn’t it? I might just make this my reality. My sweater round up below are all under $100, and look so cozy. Also we just launched spring sale card packs in our Etsy shop. These are limited availabilty and once they’re gone, they’re gone. 20 cards for $20 and they include letterpress and foil details! Grab them while you can friends!

Wish I Was {Greece and Magic Caves}


My first Wish I Was post of the year takes us to the most magical Greek spots. I mean this cave is just amazing! Wearing the prettiest beachy items all under $100 by the way! Yes and Yes! Loving this floral bikini from Show Me Your Mumu, on sale right now for $86, and these rose gold aviators are only $29!! And a cold pressed juice gin cocktail!? So delicious.

5 Top Wellness Hacks


It’s that time of year when everyone seems to be getting sick around me. These are my favorite wellness hacks to try and avoid it or at least shorten the length of the cold. First up is seriously this magical honey, Manuka Honey. It’s produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush. It has amazing healing properties and is the first thing I grab for in my pantry when I am starting to feel a little run down or like a cold is coming on. You just have a teaspoonful straight as is. That’s it! Next up is the newest item in my arsinal, Sun Potion Reishi. You can add it to smoothies, desserts, even coffee. It has great healing properties as well and is a fabulous immune boost. I am a huge essential oils fan. I mix up potions, and tonics for all types of ailments from the common cold, to allergies, dry skin and headaches. But that is a story for another day. For starters, Lemon Oil is so great, just add 1 drop to your water each day and it can help with mood, immune support and diegestion.¬† Epic Bone Broth from Thrive Market is so great when you are sick. It’s such a soothing drink, I just heat it up on the stovetop and pour it in a mug to sip on. The kids love it too, and bone broth is amazing for immune support and healing the gut by reducing inflammation. Lastly one of my favorite powders is Maca Powder it’s great for energy, mood and stamina boost. Perfect when you are feeling run down, and it adds a great flavor to your smoothies. I know, with the new year, a lot of us want to increase our wellness, and add to our healthy habits. These are my top 5 heath and wellness hacks to kickstart your new year! Enjoy friends!


Powder image via Erika Brechtel


Mom Monday {Holiday Recap}


Happy New Year friends. I am so excited to start this year fresh and excited. There are so many fun and new things I have planned for you this year, I can’t wait to get started. I am sure you have noticed but with 2 kids and running a business, it has become increasingly difficult for me to get to the blog daily. But I am really trying to make it a priority to share with you weekly. This may mean more posts about what’s going on with the kids, or more behind the scenes posts on what is actually going on at the studio this week, but either way I will keep doing my best to be present here and share with you. I want to let you all know how grateful I am for your loyalty and encouragement. It really means the world to me, so thank you! And on that note, I thought I would share a little glimpse into my holiday break. We spent Christmas with my family in Las Vegas, as is our annual tradition. We have a tradition of giving everyone matching pajamas on Christmas eve so that we can all be wearing them when we open presents on Christmas Morning. This tradition started innocent enough, plaid pajama pants, a nice shirt, but somehow over the years it has transformed into full blown costume pajamas. I have to admit seeing my father in law dressed as a donkey and my brother dressed as a flying squirrel, does not get old. We all have a great laugh, and my mom said she keeps wearing hers (pig) because they are so soft and warm. Who knew!?


We went to see Santa the same day we drove to Vegas, so needless to say it was a long day, and both kids were exhausted. By the time we got to see Santa, it was just short of a disaster as you can see from the photo. But most kids cry when they sit on Santa’s lap right?


Our New Year’s Eve was a nice quiet evening at home. I was (actually still am) nursing a cold, but I still got all dressed up. We all did! Piper had sparkling cider, and we had a mini dance party. The hubs and I enjoyed oysters and filet mignon while the kids had Kite Hill Ravioli. We like to make the night feel special with fancy food we typically don’t have, and fun music. We had a great time. What are your holiday traditions? Would love to here from you all! Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday, and welcome to 2017!


Mom Monday {DIY Holiday PJ Party}


I really want to start a fun holiday tradition for Piper and a few of her close friends. I love the idea of having them over for a pajama party. Play Christmas movies, serve homemade hot cocoa, and have some fun craft for them to do, like making their own ornaments. I love this snow globe ornament craft, it’s super easy, and I have a thing for snow globes this year. And don’t forget the pajamas. I am in love with these color your own pj sets from my favorite, Cotton On, and they are only $12.50! Plus they have the swan princess which I also adore right now. I would love to hear what your Christmas or Holiday traditions are with your kids?


Holiday Style :: Stars and Metallics


I love the idea of creating a cohesive look for your home during the holidays. And mixing it up each year is fun and keeps it fresh. One of my favorite looks for the holidays this year is inspired by the many holiday cards I have been creating this season. Think stars, mixed metallics, textures, and a clean but slightly whimsical feel. I absolutely love this. The great thing about these pieces is that they can be reused for a different look next year since they are so neutral in color and style. Give it a try! You can shop the look below or create your own unique approach. Have fun with it. And don’t forget to have those few heirloom pieces that reappear each holiday season. For example Emily’s mom gifted me handmade, swarovski crystal covered vintage ornaments and they are my absolute favorite. They always adorn our holiday decor and I look forward to getting them out each year.

Friday Fun {Vegan Eggnog and Unicorn Pops}


Happy Friday friends. A few things on my radar today, vegan eggnog and these completely magical amazing pops from RayRay’s instagram account. I mean I can’t even!!! We’ve been talking about gifts for the holidays a lot lately but don’t forget to make your packages look pretty. I am a big fan of going all out on pretty wrapping and gift adornments. To get you started I rounded up some of my favorites, including some fun items from Sugar Paper’s line at Target. Spot on. But don’t forget you can always use fabric scraps, kitchen twine, and butcher paper for a blank slate.

Mom Monday {Cyber Monday Picks}


Ok ready set go, here are some of my favorite kids finds on sale for Cyber Monday. The new line Cat and Jack at Target is so spot on, and right now Target is having 15% off the line + free shipping. I mean how can you resist this unicorn rainbow hoodie, a tutu skirt with pom poms in it!? or the entire Baby Line!? And you know I can never resist Cotton On, and with 50% off right now + free shipping. Happy shopping friends!


Holiday Gift Guide & Black Friday Finds


I do my best to get a lot of holiday shopping done around this time. Snagging Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals is the best, but I steer clear of any actual stores. I can’t take the crowds, the crazy hours, the hectic madness. But when I find a deal online it really makes me happy, what can I say. I have found you some really great finds here that will give you a jump start on your holiday shopping. Plus, shhhhh, a lot of these stores will most probably have fabulous Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, so be on the look out!

Mom Monday {Holiday Looks}


As we head into the holidays I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite little girl holiday looks. There are quite a few Cotton On items in the round up and everything is 30% OFF today! So hop on over and take advantage. I love the idea of these Angel Wings, or even this sequin Bolero Jacket, to add just a hint of festive fun to any outfit.


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