How long will the design process take?

We suggest ordering your invitations 2-3 months prior to your preferred mail date. This gives ample time for the design process and production. With that being said, most of our process is done in house, so we are often able to accommodate quick timelines and rush projects depending on our current schedule.

How much do invitations cost?

Our projects vary greatly in price depending on materials used, quantities and print methods. Our minimum order is $1500. Since each project is so different, we suggest you request an estimate to get a feel for pricing on your specific job.

Do you stuff and send my invitations?

We are happy to offer this service along with hand calligraphy or digital calligraphy. We can include this as a line item on your estimate.

Can you create day-of pieces like event signage and welcome bags?

We can create any type of day of item you can dream up. From acrylic signage, to custom stir sticks, napkins or welcome totes, we love branding an event from start to finish.

Where are you located?

We are located in sunny Orange County, California just next door to our letterpress, foil, digital and screen printer. This allows us to have the utmost control over our projects and ensure you are always getting the highest quality products and service.

Can I order my invitations online?

We work one on one with you to create your special and unique items, and for that reason we do not offer online ordering.

How do I get started?

The first step is to begin with an email conversation to get a feel for your needs and budget. Once you have received and approved your estimate we can set up a phone consultation or in studio meeting to begin the design process.

How many invitations do I need?

Keep in mind when figuring out your quantities, that you are sending to households not individuals. We recommend that you order 10-15% over your list to accommodate for hand calligraphy, forgotten guests, and incorrect addresses.

When should I mail my invitations?

6-8 weeks prior to your event date is standard, destination events can be more like 10 weeks, to allow guests to plan their travel. Save the dates are always a good idea, especially for destination events, or when the majority of the guests are coming in from out of town.

What print methods do you offer?

We can work with almost any requests, but the majority of our clients prefer letterpress, foil, and flat printing. We do also offer laser cutting, engraving and screen printing.

Do you offer Wholesale?

We do not offer a wholesale line, we work directly with clients and event planners.