Signature Scent Bridesmaid Gifts

So if you follow my @pipergreylife insta account you know already, but I am very much addicted to my essential oils. They have been completely game changing for me as far as keeping me and my family healthy during this nasty flu season, keeping us energized, focused, calm during nap and sleep times, I could go on and on. I also have a thing for crystals. I have always been so drawn to them, and intrigued by their healing properties. So when I saw these gemstone roller bottles from GotOilSupplies I about passed out. I mean two worlds I absolutely love, coming together so perfectly. I quickly began my research on how to pair oils and crystals. There are so many fun combinations, and discovering that is really half the fun.

I started thinking how amazing would it be to create custom signature scents for your bridesmaids! Or even as a fun birthday party activity. Who doesn’t want a signature scent with amazing health benefits and magical healing properties right? To get you started you can pair lavender and bergamot oils and use with the Amethyst roller bottle for calming. This would be great for bridesmaids for the day of the wedding, to keep everyone calm and happy. Rose essential oil is another great one to pair with rose quartz. This could also be used on the face as an amazing anti-aging, face serum. The possibilities are endless, but I love how you can get a variety of gems so you have the chance to try so many different combinations! Have fun with it.Whether you decide to give this as a gift or create a signature scent bar at your next event, I promise you will not be disappointed. You can even have custom labels made for the bottles with your bridesmaids names on them for an extra added personal touch. I love the labels from Cheryl’s Design Co. They are permanent and won’t rub off easily and she provides a lot of fun font options to choose from.