Friday Fun, Cashmere and Homemade Cereal

Happy Friday friends. This weekend I am feeling like making some homemade cereal. I made this twist on  Cocoa Puffs a few weeks ago and they were a huge hit. I am now wanting to try this healthy version of Cinnamon Toast crunch. I feel like my family would love this! On the eat list, Coconut Cult, is a must. I have been making my own coconut yogurt for the past few weeks, but I am still trying to perfect it. If you want the best of the best coconut yogurt, this is your answer. I love the mango flavor best. We are back on our farmers market tradition, going every Saturday as a family. I love having this fun activity to do together, and bringing the girls to meet local purveyors and taste new fresh fruits and veggies is a key component in getting them to have a healthy relationship with food. This shot was from our local farmers market. Lastly on my shopping list, cozy sweaters, cashmere, and fun sneaks to match. Blush and grey are always my pick.


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