Friday Fun {sipping broth and ice cream}

As soon as I saw this recipe for coconut banana ice cream come over from Pressed Juicery I knew it was a must try. Super simple, no waiting or ice cream maker needed, and only the best ingredients. It’s even vegan! Count me in. With cold season upon us I thought I would share a few of my favorite ways to protect yourself against germs, or recover quicker from a cold. I will share more details on my full routine in the coming weeks but these are 2 of my staples. Sipping bone broth from a mug is such the perfect alternative to the usual cup of tea, and with all those healing properties that bone broth contain, it’s really magic in a cup. Now I rely heavily on my essential oils as part of my daily routine, but during cold season, I definitely find a steady stream of On Guard products happening in my house. From beadlets for daily protection, to diffusing the oil in all the bedrooms at night, and swiping everyone’s feet with a roller bottle blend. When I’m feeling a sickness coming on i pop one of the On Guard pills, and it almost always prevents me from getting the cold. I am in love with the healing and protective qualities of On Guard. And don’t forget your weekend shopping. These statement sweaters are so gorgeous I really can’t get enough.


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