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Wish I Was {Greece and Magic Caves}


My first Wish I Was post of the year takes us to the most magical Greek spots. I mean this cave is just amazing! Wearing the prettiest beachy items all under $100 by the way! Yes and Yes! Loving this floral bikini from Show Me Your Mumu, on sale right now for $86, and these rose gold aviators are only $29!! And a cold pressed juice gin cocktail!? So delicious.

Friday Fun {Vegan Eggnog and Unicorn Pops}


Happy Friday friends. A few things on my radar today, vegan eggnog and these completely magical amazing pops from RayRay’s instagram account. I mean I can’t even!!! We’ve been talking about gifts for the holidays a lot lately but don’t forget to make your packages look pretty. I am a big fan of going all out on pretty wrapping and gift adornments. To get you started I rounded up some of my favorites, including some fun items from Sugar Paper’s line at Target. Spot on. But don’t forget you can always use fabric scraps, kitchen twine, and butcher paper for a blank slate.

Friday Fun, Healing Tumeric & Sweats


Lately I find myself walking in the door after a day at work and immediately putting on my sweats. And I am not sorry about it. But I will say, styling up my lounge wear is definitely something I aim to do. I have included some of my favorite finds right now, and they are all under $50! I also have an obsession with tumeric lattes as of late. I think this time of year makes the tumeric lattes essential, with all the colds, and flu going around, a nice warm, yummy tumeric latte is just what the dr ordered. I also adore Manuka honey for boosting your immune system. This is the one I use. So naturally this yogurt with seeds and manuka honey recipe was a must. I also couldn’t help but share a sneak peek of Greyson’s first birthday party. Stay tuned for more on that. The gorgeous photo was captured by Andrea Patricia.


Friday Fun {Smoothies and Baby Smiles}


As you may have seen, we are celebrating Greyson’s first birthday this weekend! I cannot believe it. I can’t wait to share all the fun details I have in store for the festivities. You can see a little sneak peek at her weekly pics that will make their debut at the party! In the meantime though here is your weekly dose of Friday Fun. Delicious smoothies from Green Press to try, and jewelry finds under $50! Enjoy friends!

Cooking Play date


The other weekend I got together with the adorable Melody of the infamous Sweet and Saucy and the completely addicting @lifeonloma. We both share a love for cooking as well as healthy good food so we decided to plan a cooking date. The husbands hung out and watched the kids while we cooked and visited. We had such a fabulous time and it was such a fun way to get together! We were both so intrigued by the idea of sweet potato toast and decided to try our hand at it. The overall result was fabulous and you literally just put raw thin slices of sweet potato in a toaster on high and voila! Super cool.  I will say if you are planning on making a lot of these however, a 2 slot toaster is not the most efficient. Making it a “make your own toast bar” style was super fun, and great for the kids to get involved as well. Things like tahini and goji berries, roasted red peppers, goat cheese and roasted garlic, or vegan mayo with sliced turkey were fun toppings, not to mention a killer beet salad Melody picked up at Whole Foods. To see our original inspiration check this out on Nutrition Stripped. Melody also whipped up her go to Kale salad inspired by this one from True Foods and it is to die for! Seriously. Of course our cooking date wasn’t complete without a little dessert. I had made these Vanilla Caramel Coconut raw donut holes before, recipe from This Rawsome Vegan Life. They were super easy and so good so we decided to make them together. Of course the being the dessert queen that she is, Melody caramelized the glaze a bit longer to create  crispy caramel like shell that was to die for! I need to try and recreate that this weekend when I make these for Greyson’s first birthday party. Wish me luck!

Artboard 1 copy



Friday Fun {Nice Cream + Hammock Reading}


Happy Friday friends! Today’s Friday fun includes indulging in this Peach Earl Grey Nice Cream, sipping on a peach bourbon mule and lounging in a hammock reading your favorite book. Pretty heavenly right? Ever since we were in Tulum relaxing in hammocks I have had sort of an obssession with them. I really would love to create a reading nook in the house with a hammock. I mean how perfect right!? You will see my inspiration below as well as my must haves to create your own hammock reading nook. Just click on the images below to shop the post! This hammock is so islandy I love it! Loungy linen pants are a must and to feed my morrocan wedding blanket obsession, this pillow which is such a steel at only $39! I also included the Moon Juice Cookbook that I am dying to get, and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, which I am in the middle of reading right now. Happy Weekend Friends!

Friday Fun {Tulum and Cat Ear Gear}


As I get ready to head off on our annual family vacay I leave you with a few inspirations and some killer kid travel gear. We are headed out to Tulum, where the hubs and I honeymooned after our wedding in Playa del Carmen almost 12 years ago!! I know that Tulum is a much different place then it was back then. We stayed at the most darling hotel, their dining room was on the sand with a thatched roof, and the food was to die for. I am very excited to see what Tulum has in store for us this time as we head back with our 2 kids in tow! I thought the food and drink recipes this week could transport you to mexico.  These tofu black bean tacos look like perfection. And who doesn’t like a spicy margarita right!? If you have the chance, definitely take a drink out of a whole coconut this weekend. Whether it be a rum cocktail or simply the pure coconut water, this will guarantee to put a smile on your face trust me. And this travel gear for kids is pure perfection. Think playful cat ears mixed with fabulous design. Let’s be serious here, I would 100% rock those cat ear headphones myself. But I know Piper would just about fall over for those. If you feel so inclined, you can click on the travel gear to shop the post! Enjoy friends! Excited to report back after our Tulum adventure. xoxo

Mom Monday {Traveling with Baby}


As we get ready to take our annual family vacation I thought I would share with you my travel essentials. From comfy leggings, to comfy outfits for baby. Don’t forget extra outfits for baby. I also love to introduce new toys on the plane. They seem to be so much more fun for Greyson if she hasn’t seen them before. Also don’t forget snacks for you and baby.


In the Kitchen {Easy Mango Farro Bowl}


I whipped this up super fast for dinner last night and it was a huge hit with the entire family. The key to making this quick is to cook your grain of choice ahead of time in bulk, that way you have it ready to use throughout the week for lunch and dinner. I also had the corn leftover from a few nights ago, and the sauce was from the night before. So this took me all of about 10 minutes to prepare. Win win! For a little extra protein this would be great with some black beans as well.
Tomato Corn Mango Farro Bowl dinner recipe kid approved



My Morning Must Haves


I was recently asked what my morning routine looks like, and what things I can’t live without so I thought I would share a little peek into my mornings here with you all. I feel like these are my secret weapons and I am so excited to share them with you! First up, my all time favorite app, A Color Story. This app is seriously my secret for getting brightly lit, beautiful, professional looking photos with just a few clicks. It’s my all time favorite! I have been trying to take weekly photos of Greyson and this app allows me to take consistent looking photos regardless of the lighting which is so convenient, especially on those mornings when we both have had very little sleep and I just need to shoot and go.

A Color Story, Photo Editing App, Bright Light


Next is fueling up. As you all know, mom or no mom, it’s important to feed that body in the morning or you will crash shortly after you arrive at the office. My latest coffee breakfast smoothie concoction is so heavenly, plus it takes care of my caffeine fix and my breakfast in one delicious glass. I posted the recipe over on Piper Grey Life. Do yourself a favor and give this one a try. I promise you will be hooked!

Cofee Banana Breakfast Smoothie, Healthy, Protein, Recipe

Then I dive into my latest obsession, my Emily Ley Daily Simplified Planner. I put all my work tasks in the to do section, check to see if I have any meetings for the day, and there is even a spot to put what I am going to make for dinner that night. Brilliant! Plus how can I not be happy looking at the pretty rainbow stripes. I love this for work especially since it allows me to keep all my notes and tasks in one place, so I can look back if need be and I am not trying to search for a loose piece of a paper.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner, To Do's, Task List, Meal Planning

Lastly is The Skimm. I have been receiving this in my inbox for a few years now and it’s the best way for me to stay up to date with world news. I love that it just takes me a few minutes to read in the morning, yet I feel completely informed. Plus it’s written with a sassy sense of humor so I am not bored reading it. LOVE that!

The Skimm, world news, sassy, fun

Hope this answers your questions, and you will find my secret weapons useful. I would love to hear what your secret weapons are for the morning! Share in the comments.