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Mom Monday {Smoothies by Color}


It’s pretty easy to make a smoothie that looks, well unappetizing. I had fallen into a rut of making what I call “The Kitchen Sink Smoothie”. Basically whatever we had in the house would end up in the smoothie. Spinach and carrots, strawberries and cucumbers etc…This many days would end up as a brown really yucky looking smoothie. And while it may have tasted good, the flavors started to get muddled. So we are now on a roll with making smoothies by color. It’s so fun, and the flavors really shine with each version. For now I have been sprinkling the flax seed and hemp seed on our granola, or using it in soaked oats so we still get those benefits. One of my favorite secrets, great for pink or purple smoothies, is to bake a bunch of beets and then have them in the freezer ready to go. Then you just drop one in the smoothie and the color you get from it is amazing truly! Happy smoothie making, friends!

smoothies by color for kids

Friday Fun {a tea in portland}


The inspiration to-go pic for today comes from such a perfect moment I had in Portland last weekend…sipping my delicious tea, sitting in a window seat at Tasty N Alder, waiting for my breakfast, enjoying a moment with my husband. We also had some really good Banh Mi in the airport of all places on our way home from Portland. From one of their infamous food pods….so this recipe for tofu Banh Mi caught my eye…need to try! Happy weekend friends.


Friday Fun {Joy & Vegan Egg Nog}


Happy Friday! We are almost through the busy holiday season over here in the studio and I thought I would leave you with a bit of joy! The inspiration to-go is from one of my favorite custom holiday cards we did this year, yay to gold and silver foil!


Friday Fun {Purple Pineapples and Waterfalls}


Happy Friday friends. Here is some Friday Fun for you. This inspiration to-go picture of this rainforest in Oregon is a dream!!! And this pizza recipe is a sneak peek from Camille Styles’ new book!! Can’t wait to check it out!