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Mom Monday {Frozen Party Inspirations}


Piper is turning 4 next month! 4!! I cannot believe it. With that being said, like most little girls right now, she is requesting a Frozen themed birthday party. Shocker I know. Here are a few inspriations I have so far…Invitations, think silver foil and bright blue paper…This is going to be fun!


1. What a great alternative to the synthetic main stream princess wigs they sell. This is so adorable, with the crown attached and everything!

2. Love this vintage inspired Arendelle poster

3. Diamond Ice bracelet favors

4. And of course snowflakes!

Working Moms Inspire Me


Being a working mom, there are days that can be so overwhelming. And yet it there is something so rewarding about it at the same time. There are many working moms in my life, and many I have never met yet they all really truly inspire me on a daily basis whether they know it or not. With mother’s day this weekend I thought it the perfect time to share with you just a few of these moms that I find constant inspiration and encouragement from.


Joy of Oh Joy, photo from here

Audrey of Urbanic Paper Boutique, photo from here

Camille Styles, photo from here



Melody of Sweet and Saucy, photo from here

Tori Hendrix of Sitting in a Tree Design, photo from here

Emily of Wiley Valentine, my business partner in crime

Who are your working mama inspirations? let’s celebrate them! Cheers to that thing we know as working motherhood lovely madness!


Mom Monday {quinoa breakfast bars}


I started experimenting with these a few weeks back and these may just be my favorite breakfast treat to date. I try to make a big batch of something to have for breakfast for the week. It makes the mornings go a little quicker, and still ensures we are eating something wholesome and yummy. Plus Piper and my husband LOVE these so that’s a win win.


What I love about these is that there is no baking required (just make your quinoa ahead of time). They are actually super quick to make. I also love that they have quinoa in them. It’s a great way to get some super foods in you and your family first thing in the morning. Plus you have breakfast made for the week which is pretty great.


Happy Mom Monday my friends. Let me know if you try them!

Party Pinning for Tiny Prints


When the fabulous team at Tiny Prints asked us to pin with them we were over the moon! We created this board focusing on our exclusive party invitations available on Tiny Prints and how to throw a cohesive, fabulous party inspired by those invitations. Check it out! And check out our amazing collection of party invites on Tiny Prints.