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Mom Monday {Pressed Juicery Freeze}


A few weekends ago I discovered Pressed Juicery Freeze, and I am madly in love. I have always had a love for frozen yogurt, but had an internal battle knowing all the yucky ingredients it contains. Pressed Freeze is the answer to my battle. They literally freeze their cold pressed juices and add nothing!! The toppings do not dissappoint, think chocolate sauce made of raw cacao, coconut oil and honey. Or drizzle almond butter and sprinkle shredded coconut and fresh raspberries on top…I mean come on! It’s such a fun, guiltless treat and the perfect way to share a treat with your little ones. I am seriously hooked!


***This is not a sponsored post. I am just a huge fan

Friday Fun {butterflies & burrata}


Todays inspiration to-go image is a butterfly from our visit to the Environmental Nature Center last weekend. Happy Mother’s day to my amazing, sweet, strong and beautiful mother and to all the moms out there. How will you celebrate? We are planning a picnic at one of my favorite spots in Laguna Beach.


Drink Up {Strawberry Jalapeno Margarita}


The hubby whipped these strawberry jalapeno margaritas up the other day and they were so tasty I had to share. They would make the perfect signature cocktail at a wedding or party, or even just for fun on a Friday night. They are super easy to make and are sure to impress. They also make great mocktails if you are so inclined.


Cinqo de Mayo Inspired


Happy Cinqo de Mayo friends. Here are some of my favorite Cinqo de Mayo inspirations. Loving the idea of a taco bar + a margarita bar with friends outside in the backyard! How will you celebrate?


Mom Monday {A day at the ENC}


Thanks to our very own Jane aka production princess, we visited the Environmental Nature Center over the weekend. They were having their semi-annual fair and we had a blast! From great food and coffee booths, to arts & crafts and nature walks and some really cool animals, it was a fun filled day.


One of the highlights of our day was meeting this guy. Yes that is a wolf!! So cool.


We saw all sorts of animals like owls & snakes. And we got to explore the butterfly house where butterflies fly around and land on your head! Throughout our nature walks there were little craft stations hidden among the trees. We stopped at a few and made all sorts of fun things, including necklaces made from real butterfly cocoons!! How cool is that? This place is always open, and its super fun for the whole family. If you are near south orange county, california, I highly recommend a visit.

***this is not a sponsored post. Just a HUGE fan of the ENC.