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Quote of the Day {Top of the Mountain}


I love this quote so much. It’s easy to look at others and think wow, I wish I could do that or I wish my company had this or that, but ultimately you have to remember those at the top worked very hard to get there. Just a little something to remind us to keep on fighting, keep on working our butts off, and keep on dreaming. We will get there…Happy Thursday my friends!


Hot off the Press {Map Liners}


I just love this invite we recently custom designed for the fabulous Sugar Press.  The letterpress and double thick paper create a classic look, while the envelope liners reflect the couple’s personality. Requesting a subtle nautical feel to hint at the couple’s love for sailing and for the Newport Harbor area, we created custom printed envelope liners showing a map of the area complete with a nautical inspired compass.


Friday Fun {Thai Tea Pops and Smoothie Tricks}


Today’s inspiration t0-go is a peek at our new screen printed card line. Loving the bold colors and fun patterns. The pin of the week is a smoothie trick I cannot wait to implement. The idea is to blend up your veggies and freeze them in ice cube trays. That way you have all your smoothie ingredients ready to go at any moment, and no more wilty spinach in the fridge.


Quote of the Day {Love and Adore}


Growing up this was something my mother always told me over and over again. It seems like such a simple thing, yet most of us need to be reminded of this from time to time. So here is my reminder to you, friends. Surround yourselves with good people. Those that love and adore you, and let go of the rest.


Friday Fun {kiwi pops & sparkle}


Today’s inspiration to-go is just some gold sparkle goodness sitting on my desk currently. I mean who doesn’t want a little sparkle as daily inspiration right? I am also very in to tea recently, so this article in Bon Appetit on how to make the perfect cup of tea is right up my alley. And don’t forget these kiwi pops!! Love! Happy Friday friends.