September 19, 2016

Mom Monday {Traveling with Baby}

As we get ready to take our annual family vacation I thought I would share with you my travel essentials. From comfy leggings, to comfy outfits for baby. Don't forget extra outfits for baby. I also love to introduce new toys on the plane. They seem to be so much more fun for Greyson if she hasn't seen them before. Also don't forget snacks for you and...READ MORE

August 12, 2013

Mom Monday {toddler must haves}

Oh how things have changed since the diaper bag days. I thought I would share a few of things you will most likely find in my purse these days. 1 not necessarily in my purse but definitely in the car, these slip on converse are a must for school and playing outdoors 2 a Cinderella book provides entertainment while at a restaurant or in the car 3 BPA free water bottle is essential 4 Honest Sunscreen is in my purse at all times 5 Wipes are always...READ MORE

August 30, 2012

What to Pack…

Whether you are planning your honeymoon or planning a vacation getaway here's my picks for what to pack. Find my picks here :  1  2  3  4  5  6  7 Happy...READ MORE

July 9, 2012

Mom Monday {summer essentials}

With summer in full swing, and trips to the pool becoming more regular, I thought I would share with you my summer essentials for Piper. Most are things that are tried and true, a few are things I am dying to try. 1.With sunblock being the new hot topic for "is it safe for my kids", the Honest Company is my sunblock of choice. I know I can trust the safety of the product. Piper's has super sensitive skin and the fact that she has no reaction to it is...READ MORE

July 11, 2011

Mom Monday {Piper's must haves}

It's so funny how Piper's "must haves" change so quickly. Here is a peek into her latest must have items. {1} pink oversize sunnies received as a gift {2} silver pediped shoes. she doesn't leave home without these! {3} her asbolute favorite snuggly toy, we call him Peanut. via Brookstone. {4} tiny pink washcloths, she loves to hold on to these. tiny security blankets? via Target. {5} her favorite book at story time, hands down, Pinkalicious. {6}...READ MORE