Mom Monday {summer essentials}

With summer in full swing, and trips to the pool becoming more regular, I thought I would share with you my summer essentials for Piper. Most are things that are tried and true, a few are things I am dying to try.

1.With sunblock being the new hot topic for “is it safe for my kids”, the Honest Company is my sunblock of choice. I know I can trust the safety of the product. Piper’s has super sensitive skin and the fact that she has no reaction to it is huge!

2. Sunglasses, or sunnies as we like to call them, not only protect Piper’s eyes, but they have a super glam look that she seems to really love. LOL!

3. This is something I have not tried but am dying to. Anyone out there use reusable swim diapers? I am so over buying the cheesy looking, expensive swim diapers, and these seem so fabulous. Eco-friendly AND stylish=perfection!

4. Flip flops are my shoes of choice when going to the beach or the pool. These adorable ones from Old Navy are 2 for $5 which makes a lost shoe much less painful. Plus, how cute are they? Piper has a few pairs and loves them. The ankle strap helps keep them on.

5. Between the heat and the chlorine, Piper’s sensitive skin seems to flair up a ton right now. This all natural, organic ointment from Mother Love is amazing. I wish I knew about it when she was a baby too. It works miracles.

6. I blogged about the amazing pops I made with my new Zoku¬†popsicle maker the other week. It has now officially been put on my must haves. It’s so great! Perfect for the hot summer days.