March 8, 2012

4 things to do with your Instagram pics

I admit it, I am known to opt for my iphone + instagram before I grab my real camera these days. Mostly I am snapping pics of my sweet Piper, and it's just the easiest way. So now I have all these photos, what do I do with them? Here are some fun ideas I am dying to try. How amazing is this giant piece of wall art, all made completely from instagram photos!? These DIY photo-strips are so fun, and would be such fun gifts or favors. My absolute...READ MORE

March 7, 2011

Mom Monday {it goes so fast!}

To all you moms out there, you know what I mean, it goes so fast. Everyone tells you this, and no matter how aware you are, nothing prepares you for how fast it actually does go by. It seems like just yesterday Piper was born, now she is just 3 short months away from 1 year old!! Aaah! I know so many moms that say they tried to keep a baby book, but they let it go after a few months. I love the idea of keeping it more simple. Maybe include just a few...READ MORE

January 5, 2009

Custom Photo Books

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! During the holidays I always try my best to create handmade or meaningful gifts. This year we made photo books for our family and friends using They are a great company creating beautiful quality books. All you do is download their free software and upload your photos using their templates. I used a lot of graphics overlaying onto my actual photos to create an even more custom look and...READ MORE