Mom Monday {it goes so fast!}

To all you moms out there, you know what I mean, it goes so fast. Everyone tells you this, and no matter how aware you are, nothing prepares you for how fast it actually does go by. It seems like just yesterday Piper was born, now she is just 3 short months away from 1 year old!! Aaah!

I know so many moms that say they tried to keep a baby book, but they let it go after a few months. I love the idea of keeping it more simple. Maybe include just a few pics from each major stage, and right a few sentences of what the major milestones were. You forget what happens when, and this would be just a great keepsake.

I have said it before Blurb, by far, is my number one choice for photo books. They are the best quality I have seen while still keeping the cost affordable. Opt for the image wrap and premium paper options. It’s worth it!

Before you know it they will be all grown up, so take the time to jot down the major milestones. I know I will cherish a book like this for years to come! xoxo