July 25, 2016

Mom Monday {Homemade Baby Food}

With 2 kids, I had to get a bit more intentional about making Greyson's food ahead of time, in bulk. I have been making it every weekend and then freezing it. This way she has a variety of foods and I am not cooking every day. It's been working great. The sprouted rice is so versatile, I have made it as breakfast cereal by heating it up with breast milk, cinnamon and banana, or I mix it with the red peppers. Thats the other fun thing is that you can mix...READ MORE

May 2, 2011

In the kitchen {baby broccolini}

Here is another recipe I thought I would share for all of you interested in making your own baby food. This broccolini blend gets a punch of flavor from sharp cheddar cheese and richness from shallots. Enjoy! Truth be told this is one of those that you can enjoy right alongside your...READ MORE