Mom Monday {Homemade Baby Food}

With 2 kids, I had to get a bit more intentional about making Greyson’s food ahead of time, in bulk. I have been making it every weekend and then freezing it. This way she has a variety of foods and I am not cooking every day. It’s been working great. The sprouted rice is so versatile, I have made it as breakfast cereal by heating it up with breast milk, cinnamon and banana, or I mix it with the red peppers. Thats the other fun thing is that you can mix and match different flavors together and get baby used to different tastes and textures. Greyson isn’t as easy as Piper, with eating. She seems a bit more picky, but I just keep trying. At first she wouldn’t eat anything with banana, but finally one day she just devoured the banana oatmeal.  What are your favorite baby purées?