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Baby Registry with Baby Cubby


There are constantly new fun baby products coming out that sometimes when registering or looking for a gift for a baby shower, it can be super overwhelming. Having a 16 month old I  found myself thrust back into the baby world and made so many new discoveries. With that in mind I created the ultimate baby shower gift guide for you together with Baby Cubby. They have all of my most favorite baby items, so I put them together for you here in a handy guide. Most of these are products I use daily and are sure to be the perfect gifts. From the ONLY bottle my baby would accept, to the absolutely softest jammies ever. The little ruffle on them makes them pjs AND an outfit, perfect for when you are on the go and want baby to nap or sleep. A pair of Freshly Picked moccasins are the best gift, and they turn into an heirloom which I love. Now the Dockatot is something I never got but oh how I obsessed over it. It’s the king of getting your baby to sleep, and I love the play yard attachment for play and sleep. Seriously this would be the ultimate gift. Don’t forget mama, an ultra soft cozy blanket and a fabulous necklace that baby can chew on when teething, are great gifts. I love my chewbead necklace. Happy shopping friends!



Mom Monday {Traveling with Baby}


As we get ready to take our annual family vacation I thought I would share with you my travel essentials. From comfy leggings, to comfy outfits for baby. Don’t forget extra outfits for baby. I also love to introduce new toys on the plane. They seem to be so much more fun for Greyson if she hasn’t seen them before. Also don’t forget snacks for you and baby.


Mom Monday {holiday gift guide}


Here are some of my favorite gift ideas this year for all you moms out there. Take a look….

1. Madly in love with these adorable tights from Old Navy. and the $6 price tag is also great!

2. These Stitch Farm plush bunnies handmade from vintage cashmere sweaters are a favorite of Piper’s as you can see. Handmade by my very own mother I might add.

3. These color + wipe off place mats are genius!

4. I adore these felt polaroids from etsy seller Red Red Completely Red

5. This first American edition pink Mary Poppins book is adorable! Etsy seller Gallivanting Kids.

6. A blast from the past, Shrinky Dinks! this Charm Bracelet kit is too fun!

7. This felt mushroom plush doll is so cute!! from Etsy seller Shroompers.

8. Felt Fairy cupcake house!! sigh….from Etsy seller Shish Look.

Mom Monday {latest loves}


I just had to share my latest loves with all you moms today! Happy mom monday!

How gorgeous are these plush beauties!? By the amazingly talented EvaJuliet.

The most precious crowns and head-pieces for the little ones I have ever seen! By crowned embellishments. Swoon!!

My mother sent me this gorgeous maternity collection, Hatch Collection. I mean seriously did you know maternity clothes could be so chic!? Leave it to my mother to discover it. Upon further research I saw that the adorable Joy of Oh Joy writes for their blog! Go check it out!

Mom Monday {Piper's must haves}


It’s so funny how Piper’s “must haves” change so quickly. Here is a peek into her latest must have items.

{1} pink oversize sunnies received as a gift

{2} silver pediped shoes. she doesn’t leave home without these!

{3} her asbolute favorite snuggly toy, we call him Peanut. via Brookstone.

{4} tiny pink washcloths, she loves to hold on to these. tiny security blankets? via Target.

{5} her favorite book at story time, hands down, Pinkalicious.

{6} singing tea set is a favorite to bring with us to the park.

{7} we just started Music Together classes, and she loves the songs we sing at home.

Antique inspired


This past weekend we took a family outing to the Orange Circle. I am not sure if you are familiar with this area, but it is a mecca of inspiration. I always go with my camera in tow. Check out some of the visual inspiration I picked up during our visit.

Vintage barber shop items always get me…and of course this gorgeous vintage typewriter!

There were a lot of playful items I thought would be so fun in Piper’s room!

Here is Piper, unsure if she would rather be napping or visiting Orange. Check out that gorgeous cash register! Could you just die!?

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