Mom Monday {holiday gift guide}

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas this year for all you moms out there. Take a look….

1. Madly in love with these adorable tights from Old Navy. and the $6 price tag is also great!

2. These Stitch Farm plush bunnies handmade from vintage cashmere sweaters are a favorite of Piper’s as you can see. Handmade by my very own mother I might add.

3. These color + wipe off place mats are genius!

4. I adore these felt polaroids from etsy seller Red Red Completely Red

5. This first American edition pink Mary Poppins book is adorable! Etsy seller Gallivanting Kids.

6. A blast from the past, Shrinky Dinks! this Charm Bracelet kit is too fun!

7. This felt mushroom plush doll is so cute!! from Etsy seller Shroompers.

8. Felt Fairy cupcake house!! sigh….from Etsy seller Shish Look.