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Thrive Market Top Picks


Sorry I know I have been away for a while. I took a week off to get away with the hubby and we are also in the middle of revamping the website. I cannot wait to show you everything we have been working on. But until then I thought I would share with you one of my latest obsessions, Thrive Market. I love getting all my healthy pantry items delivered to my door, and they always have fun promos going on so I get to try new items all the time. It can be a little overwhelming at first so here are some of my top picks to get you started.

I have been making a morning smoothie or potion as I like to refer to it, for the past 3 months as my breakfast. It’s become somewhat of a ritual mixing all my powders and butters together. Sometimes I have my coffee as my potion as well, and when I do that I add this Vanilla Ghee. It’s seriously so heavenly you could really just eat it by the spoonful. It’s great in baked goods too!

Maca Powder is one of my favorites. I love the caramel flavor it has naturally, and it’s great to add to my morning potions or smoothies as it’s a great natural energy booster.

Ashwaganda is one of those buzz words recently. It’s such a powerful thing to add to your foods with not only immune boosting properties but it helps with physical and emotional stress.

Bone Broth is such an amazing thing to have around the house especially during cold and flu season. When anyone in my house starts to show the first signs of getting sick I gently heat up a bit of this bone broth and it’s not only soothing but a great way to kick that cold!

Avocado oil is a great neutral tasting oil and I have been using it more and more to cook with. This one is a great value and it has super cute packaging which I am always a sucker for.

1| Vanilla Ghee /  2| Maca Powder  /  3| Ashwaganda  /  4| Bone Broth  /  5| Avocado oil

Coconut Aminos adds such great flavor to my asian inspired dishes and sauces. So yummy and the kids love it!

Maca Maple Cashews make the perfect snack on the go, and you can feel good about what you are eating as they are covered in maca powder. Yum!

Both my kids love these Seaweed Snacks and they are so easy to have on the go. I buy them in bulk to save money.

I love finishing my dishes with these Sea Salt Flakes. So yummy!

This All-purpose cleaner is super cheap, works super well and is non-toxic. What’s not to love?

Since we started making our own cashew milk, buying good quality, inexpensive and organic cashews has become a must. These go in every order.

6| Coconut Aminos /  7| Maca Maple Cashews  /  8| Seaweed Snacks  /  9| Sea Salt Flakes  /  10| All-purpose cleaner  /  11| organic cashews

If you use this link to sign up you get 25% off your first order + free shipping!!

This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing through these links you help support the blog so I can continue to bring you great fresh content. Thanks friends!





Mom Monday {Kitchen Hacks}


As parents, we are always looking for the quick way to get things done, the simplest. I thought I would start sharing some of my kitchen hacks that I use regularly to get things done quick without compromising on health and nutrition. This is one I just recently started doing and it’s a total game changer. We get a CSA basket every 2 weeks and we always end up with an excess of greens. I typically throw away the beet greens, because I know I just won’t get to using them. Well the beet greens a few weeks ago were so pretty I couldn’t bear to throw away so I threw them in the vitamix with some water, froze them and voila, instant smoothie cubes. They are so easy to add to our morning smoothies, without having to worry about washing and trimming the greens on top of everything else that has to get done in the morning. The perfect short cut. I also have kale and swiss chard cubes now in the freezer. So great!


How We do Valentine’s Day


My husband and I have never really been the people to go out to a restaurant on Valentine’s day but we do like to cook fun things, and celebrate in small ways with the kids. Here is a fun peek into our Valentine’s day. My husband made us heart shaped pink pancakes for breakfast, we had pink baked donuts I made over the weekend, heart beet salad with pink garlic vegan aioli, and I packed a fun valentine’s themed lunch for Piper. Would love to hear what you guys do on Valentine’s day. Any fun traditions!?

Valentine’s Handmade Bunnies


Happy Mom Monday friends! I thought I would share some shots of the most precious bunnies my mom handmade for the girls for Valentine’s day. She used bits from their old clothes, to make them extra special. I absolutely love them as do the girls. My mom does not forget any detail, each bunny came in a handmade pouch made from old cashmere sweaters, with a pink cashmere heart sewn on each one. Seriously how adorable right? Such a sweet keepsake, I just love that I can remember each one of the outfits she used, and they hold such special memories.

Family Hike Day


For this week’s Mom Monday post I thought I would share some shots from our family hike this past weekend. Truth be told we don’t do this often. In fact this was our first hike with Greyson. Hiking with small kids can sound daunting but as long as you pack a few of the essentials it’s really fun. When Sarah, our intern, turned senior designer, turned friend, asked if she could take us hiking to her favorite spot I said let’s do this! We piled in the car early Saturday morning and drove up to Chantry Flats for our hike to Sturtevant Falls. We scored a parking spot, which if you don’t get there super early in the morning, can be challenging. We strapped Greyson into the Ergo, and grabbed our backpack filled with snacks and water, and headed out on the trail.  There were several parts of the trail where we found ourselves crossing little streams, hopping from rock to rock which ended up being Piper’s favorite part. Our short but beautiful hike ended at the most amazing waterfall. We stopped here for a while, had snacks, enjoyed the relaxing music of the waterfall, and took lots of photos. The weather could not have been more perfect, sunny, crisp and cool but not too cold, and the water was high from all the rain we have had recently.

Hiking used to be such a big part of my life when I lived in Utah, but since moving to California, becoming a mom, hiking is something we really hadn’t done regularly. After this past weekend, I think we might need to do this more often. Getting the kids out in nature, and exposing them to the beautiful landscape that we live in is a must. A few tips for this particular hike. The beginning part of the hike is mostly downhill, so just prepare for the tail end of your hike on the way back, a short but steep hike up. This part is paved so it’s not challenging in that regard but something to be aware of for the kids. Make sure to pack plenty of snacks. For some reason our kids were starving almost as soon as we started out. Water bottles, and if you have, waterproof comfy shoes are great to have for the stream crossings. The Ergo was key for carrying Greyson on the hike. Hope you all will get out and enjoy the outdoors, no matter where you live. It’s such a great break from the everyday hustle and bustle, and a great way to decompress.


Easy Green Breakfast Muffins


I discovered green muffins from The Tribe a few weeks ago, and have slowly been perfecting my own spin on them. Infusing them with superfoods and adaptagens. They are so delicious and both my kids LOVE them. They are great to make ahead and then have a quick grab and go breakfast, especially on those mornings when you are short on time. We had a super late morning today in fact, and I just grabbed a few of these and we ate them in the car on the way to school drop off. Not picture perfect, but we do our best, right mamas? What i love about these is that the greens are raw, so you don’t have to cook anything in advance, and they are super easy to throw together. I love that they have so many health properties and a great way to start your morning. Here’s the recipe, adapted from The Tribe, with my own superfood twist.

Health properties include immune support, stress relief, digestive health, heart health, energy boost and tons more. With the combination of the Reishi, Tocos, Chia and Flax you have a winning combo here my friends!


Mom Monday {Holiday Recap}


Happy New Year friends. I am so excited to start this year fresh and excited. There are so many fun and new things I have planned for you this year, I can’t wait to get started. I am sure you have noticed but with 2 kids and running a business, it has become increasingly difficult for me to get to the blog daily. But I am really trying to make it a priority to share with you weekly. This may mean more posts about what’s going on with the kids, or more behind the scenes posts on what is actually going on at the studio this week, but either way I will keep doing my best to be present here and share with you. I want to let you all know how grateful I am for your loyalty and encouragement. It really means the world to me, so thank you! And on that note, I thought I would share a little glimpse into my holiday break. We spent Christmas with my family in Las Vegas, as is our annual tradition. We have a tradition of giving everyone matching pajamas on Christmas eve so that we can all be wearing them when we open presents on Christmas Morning. This tradition started innocent enough, plaid pajama pants, a nice shirt, but somehow over the years it has transformed into full blown costume pajamas. I have to admit seeing my father in law dressed as a donkey and my brother dressed as a flying squirrel, does not get old. We all have a great laugh, and my mom said she keeps wearing hers (pig) because they are so soft and warm. Who knew!?


We went to see Santa the same day we drove to Vegas, so needless to say it was a long day, and both kids were exhausted. By the time we got to see Santa, it was just short of a disaster as you can see from the photo. But most kids cry when they sit on Santa’s lap right?


Our New Year’s Eve was a nice quiet evening at home. I was (actually still am) nursing a cold, but I still got all dressed up. We all did! Piper had sparkling cider, and we had a mini dance party. The hubs and I enjoyed oysters and filet mignon while the kids had Kite Hill Ravioli. We like to make the night feel special with fancy food we typically don’t have, and fun music. We had a great time. What are your holiday traditions? Would love to here from you all! Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday, and welcome to 2017!


Mom Monday {DIY Holiday PJ Party}


I really want to start a fun holiday tradition for Piper and a few of her close friends. I love the idea of having them over for a pajama party. Play Christmas movies, serve homemade hot cocoa, and have some fun craft for them to do, like making their own ornaments. I love this snow globe ornament craft, it’s super easy, and I have a thing for snow globes this year. And don’t forget the pajamas. I am in love with these color your own pj sets from my favorite, Cotton On, and they are only $12.50! Plus they have the swan princess which I also adore right now. I would love to hear what your Christmas or Holiday traditions are with your kids?


Mom Monday {Cyber Monday Picks}


Ok ready set go, here are some of my favorite kids finds on sale for Cyber Monday. The new line Cat and Jack at Target is so spot on, and right now Target is having 15% off the line + free shipping. I mean how can you resist this unicorn rainbow hoodie, a tutu skirt with pom poms in it!? or the entire Baby Line!? And you know I can never resist Cotton On, and with 50% off right now + free shipping. Happy shopping friends!


Mom Monday {Holiday Looks}


As we head into the holidays I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite little girl holiday looks. There are quite a few Cotton On items in the round up and everything is 30% OFF today! So hop on over and take advantage. I love the idea of these Angel Wings, or even this sequin Bolero Jacket, to add just a hint of festive fun to any outfit.


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