Family Hike Day

For this week’s Mom Monday post I thought I would share some shots from our family hike this past weekend. Truth be told we don’t do this often. In fact this was our first hike with Greyson. Hiking with small kids can sound daunting but as long as you pack a few of the essentials it’s really fun. When Sarah, our intern, turned senior designer, turned friend, asked if she could take us hiking to her favorite spot I said let’s do this! We piled in the car early Saturday morning and drove up to Chantry Flats for our hike to Sturtevant Falls. We scored a parking spot, which if you don’t get there super early in the morning, can be challenging. We strapped Greyson into the Ergo, and grabbed our backpack filled with snacks and water, and headed out on the trail.  There were several parts of the trail where we found ourselves crossing little streams, hopping from rock to rock which ended up being Piper’s favorite part. Our short but beautiful hike ended at the most amazing waterfall. We stopped here for a while, had snacks, enjoyed the relaxing music of the waterfall, and took lots of photos. The weather could not have been more perfect, sunny, crisp and cool but not too cold, and the water was high from all the rain we have had recently.

Hiking used to be such a big part of my life when I lived in Utah, but since moving to California, becoming a mom, hiking is something we really hadn’t done regularly. After this past weekend, I think we might need to do this more often. Getting the kids out in nature, and exposing them to the beautiful landscape that we live in is a must. A few tips for this particular hike. The beginning part of the hike is mostly downhill, so just prepare for the tail end of your hike on the way back, a short but steep hike up. This part is paved so it’s not challenging in that regard but something to be aware of for the kids. Make sure to pack plenty of snacks. For some reason our kids were starving almost as soon as we started out. Water bottles, and if you have, waterproof comfy shoes are great to have for the stream crossings. The Ergo was key for carrying Greyson on the hike. Hope you all will get out and enjoy the outdoors, no matter where you live. It’s such a great break from the everyday hustle and bustle, and a great way to decompress.