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Mom Monday {first foods}


So this whole introducing solid foods thing really put me over the edge at first. I had read so many conflicting things about “start with rice cereal” or “don’t start with rice cereal”, “start with vegetables” or “don’t start with vegetables”, etc. I started with sweet potatoes, and that was a total fail. Greyson spit it right back out, shivered, made horrible faces, it was super discouraging. Then I made my own rice cereal, using a 4 step process that included soaking overnight and cooking it for an hour and half. I mean talk about over the top!! She liked this ok, but it was nothing to get excited over, and I definitely didn’t want to make more of this overly complicated rice cereal! After I got over my OCD and just let go, things started to go much smoother. I am still making everything, but they are so simple that they really don’t take much time at all, and I enjoy the process. My pediatrician said things have changed so much since I had Piper, and now we can really just introduce her to whatever whenever, with the exception of honey. Now I am sure there are many conflicting schools of thought on this as well, but I have decided to let go and enjoy the process of introducing Greyson to new fun foods. So far the below shows what we have tried and for the most part she is loving everything. It’s been fun to mix the different foods and tastes to create more complex tastes for her. We haven’t played with textures much but that comes next. What were your little one’s favorite foods?

Wish I was…wine country


I have always wanted to stay at the gorgeous L’Auberge in Napa. I mean take a look and you will see what i mean. I can picture it now, wearing some fabulous jean trousers, a flowy top, looking out over my balcony at this stunning view, sipping some of the most amazing cabernet in the land! Yes and yes!


The Sparkle Edit


Happy mom monday friends! Here are just a few of my favorite sparkle finds for the littles. The perfect way to dress your little one like a princess with style. Enjoy! Click on the images to shop the post.


Travel Finds, Laguna


I have to admit when I travel the highlight of my trip is typically what I eat, the hidden restaurants I find, and immersing myself in the food of the locale. So when I discovered a few hidden gems in my own backyard you have to excuse my elation. I mean finding a killer organic juice bar and a super cool breakfast spot all within one weekend, well it almost felt as if I was on vacation!! Below are a few of these hidden gems in the Laguna area. If you go to Break of Dawn, be sure to order the “bacon” and eggs. The bacon is really pork belly and the eggs are tempura poached eggs! How do they do that!? See photo below to see what I mean. For lunch or a fabulous dinner Driftwood kitchen is my favorite spot. It’s just above the more popular The Deck, so it has the same great killer ocean views, but with less people, and a more sophisticated menu. Be sure to order the oysters and the lobster cabonara. Lastly is Thrive Juice Lab, a real deal organic, GMO free juice bar. They have fabulous smoothies and a fun kids smoothie list. The Stimulator, which is basically a coffee smoothie is fantastic. And the acai bowls are great too!


Tangled Thai Salad + Tutu Swimwear


Eat// This Tangled Thai Salad recipe from Jessica McBeath looks absolutely amazing!

Sip//Dying to try this Boosted Horchata recipe from Tasty Yummies

Shop//don’t forget to shop these curated baby girl must haves!

Wish I was…Organic Farm & Pressed Juice Cocktails


Today’s wish I was post is really the full package. Imagine a gorgeous resort located in St Kitts on an organic farm where you can enjoy farm to table to your hearts content! Belmont Farm is that place. I imagine myself sipping cold pressed juice cocktails in the most perfect coverup from Shopbop and fab crochet bikini from Calypso St Barth. Sigh….

Maple Garlic Glazed Brussel Sprout Lentil Bowls


This was one of those made up recipes that turned out so super good, and the entire family enjoyed them. Win! We are still eating our meals 75% of the time as “build your own” style since this seems to be the best way to get Piper to eat AND enjoy her dinner. The sweetness of the maple syrup glaze balanced out with the garlic and the saltiness of the proscuitto is a great combination! Truth be told I overcooked the eggs by just a minute so they weren’t really runny. But if you have that runny yolk, it really makes for a silky smooth sauce.


Mother’s day Gift Ideas


Just in case you all needed a reminder, it’s Mother’s day this weekend! Here are a few gift ideas I had for you. From practical to spoiling here are some special gifts for that special woman in your life. Starting with Emily Ley’s Home Base Binder, this is the ultimate practical but still super cool gift. From the queen of planners, Emily Ley has created the ultimate tool to organize your home life. I LOVE this gift. For beauty within there’s Beauty Dust from Moon Juice. It increases collagen and silica production and tones and firms tissue, while hydrating and fortifying skin, hair, nails and cell membranes from the inside out. Yes please! Spoil that mama in your life. This Mama ring by Brooklyn-based designer Nora Kogan uses recycled metals and conflict-free stones! Who doesn’t need a stylish market tote like this one from Herschel Supply Co. Obsessed!

Be Inspired PR Garden Luncheon


When the fabulous ladies of Be Inspired PR asked us to design the paper goods for their springtime relaunch of Inspired By This, we jumped at the chance. We designed invitations and menus that were personalized with each guest name at the top in gold! Such a fabulous party, as only Be Inspired PR knows how to do. Enlisting some of the industry’s top design makers, this event was unreal!! For more details be sure to see the feature over at Style Me Pretty Living.



Mrs Box & Anne Robin Collab!!!


This is a collab worth checking out. First of all if you are not familiar with the amazing heirloom quality ring boxes from Mrs. Box, well you should be. They are absolutely stunning and are not only for engagement rings (although perfect for that of course) but also take any ring gift to the next level. The amazing Anne Robin, created a custom monogram set to help personalize your Mrs. Box and let’s just say we are smitten. Choose from 26 limited edition custom colors of velvet, and voila, an heirloom to hold your heirloom.


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