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Steal-worthy Dining Alfresco Ideas


I am sort of obsessed with dining alfresco now that summer is upon us. I love these ideas for a simple dinner party but also on a grander scale for an outdoor wedding!


Love this unique statement making presentation for oysters on the half shell!! Just pour a pile of ice, scatter your oysters and lemon slices and voila!


Use what’s around you like these adorable leaf details placed on each place. I love that there is a variety of leaves used too.

Don’t forget the candles. These mismatched candles are placed down the center of a long table providing mood lighting and the most magical touch.


Love this simple but brilliant idea to place a throw pillow on each chair. So pretty too.


How great is this casual yet chic setup. A low to the ground table is placed in the grass and guests sit on the ground upon blankets. Love the twinkle lights too.


Loving these rustic kraft paper plates used for an outdoor pizza night!


Individual baguettes wrapped in kraft colored parchment paper look so fabulous!

How to | Host an outdoor movie party


Now that you have the inspirations to create your very own outdoor movie party here are some simple steps to make it happen. We tried out the projector over the weekend and it was so much fun!! Think comfort by providing guests with overstuffed pillows and cozy blankets or bring your indoor furniture outdoors. I love the idea of having a popcorn bar or serving homemade chocolate date bars.


Mom Monday {Healthy Desserts for Breakfast}


It’s no secret that it can be difficult to get your kids to eat what you want them to eat, when you want them to eat it. These fabulous twists on traditional desserts make them enticing breakfast options for your kids, and they are packed with super foods and healthy goodness. Let me know if you give these a try. I personally cannot wait to try my hand at breakfast popsicles! For the recipes that don’t have it, an easy way to boost these recipes is by adding some goji berry powder, or flax, hemp and/or chia seeds. Instant superfood!





Friday Fun {Italy & lobster}


Well it’s been another inspiration filled week. Working on some really fun projects right now. Can’t wait to spill the beans. In the meantime here is your Friday Fun post featuring our vintage dresser that Emily re-did. One of the things that was in our old Stationery Show booth. Look familiar anyone?


Outdoor Movie Night


Every friday we have movie night as a family. We are looking to take it outdoors for the summer months. Here are a few inspirations I have collected. Excited to share our experience with this. Anyone else try backyard movies? Would love to hear your experience.



How to | Host a bagel bar


For Piper’s birthday party this year we had close to 50 adults and 20 children. It was a lot of people so we wanted to do something simple but still delicious for the food. We decided to do a bagel bar, and who knew, it was a HUGE hit. Parents and kids alike delighted in creating their own custom bagel sandwiches. It was really fun. Here are a few easy steps to create your own bagel bar for your next soirĂ©e.