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Passport to Fashion


We were inspired by the amazing Loverly to create a Passport to Fashion. If you are not familiar with Loverly yet you better head over there now. It’s like Pinterest for weddings and is the most fabulous resource for brides to be!

From a dream destination to a dream wedding dress here is the perfect way to create a Mexico Chic dream wedding!

Passport to Fashion Wiley Valentine + Loverly

Job Board Organization


I have been searching for a clever new way to keep track of all my clients. I would love a visual solution that allows me to see all my live jobs at a glance. Here are some of my favorite ideas I have seen so far. Anyone have a fabulous solution for me? I would love to see!

Job Board Inspiration | Organization | Wiley Valentine

Mom Monday {Cinderella Movie Party}


Reminiscent of when I hosted a Mad Tea Party for the Alice in Wonderland movie, we are going to have a Cinderella Movie Party. I cannot begin to explain the excitement that is happening in my house over the upcoming release of the Cinderella Movie. Cinderella happens to be Piper’s favorite princess so this is pretty big time. In celebration we are going to invite a few of her friends over for a little party and then go watch the movie together. Here are some inspirations that are filling my mind right now for the party…


Friday Fun {a tea in portland}


The inspiration to-go pic for today comes from such a perfect moment I had in Portland last weekend…sipping my delicious tea, sitting in a window seat at Tasty N Alder, waiting for my breakfast, enjoying a moment with my husband. We also had some really good Banh Mi in the airport of all places on our way home from Portland. From one of their infamous food pods….so this recipe for tofu Banh Mi caught my eye…need to try! Happy weekend friends.


Eating & Drinking our Way through Portland


To celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, the husband and I took a quick trip to Portland. We had always wanted to visit and had never been until now. What a fun city, filled with some of the nicest people I have ever met! I thought it would be fun to share a few of the food and drink highlights of our trip!


One of our culinary highlights was brunch at Tasty and Alder. Everyone we met in town told us we must eat there, and it did not disappoint. I will be dreaming of the Bim Bop Bacon and Eggs for a long time. There are tons of breweries in the Pearl District, but Deschutes was our favorite. Hop Henge was an amazing beer and the steamed clams are a must.


Our dinner at Little Bird was such a memorable one. Think craft cocktails and luxurious foods like oysters, fois gras and cheese plates…pretty much my dream come true. Last but not least is Andina. We ate tapas style here, and the octopus was some of the best octopus I have ever had. The ceviche and the empanadas were also outstanding. I can’t wait to go back to this food and drink mecca!!

Mom Monday {Piper Style}


Happy Mom Monday friends! I thought I would share some of Piper’s favorite items in her closet right now. She has such a sense of style that is all her own, and it’s so fun to watch. I mean tutus and tank tops with fairy wings…? Of course these are her favorite right now!