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My Birthday Wish…


I’m back! not 100% but hey I’m here. So grateful to be able to get out of bed! With it being my birthday month and all, I can’t help conjuring up these fantastical birthday fantasies. What do you think of this one?


Eating fabulously fresh Island Creek oysters topped with bloody mary granita (I had them that way once, and it was completely divine).

Then sipping on some rosé, my summer beverage of choice, and of course my birthday would not be complete without a fabulous cheese plate. Image via Camille Styles.


Wearing one of these fabulous kimonos from Arnhem, that I am completely coveting, this wire flower child headband from Free People, and these fabulous Chloe ballet flats.

Reading about how to turn my garden into a bartenders garden with The Drunken Botanist.

Who’s with me?

I'm sorry…


I’m sorry for no posts. I am sick in bed. It is times like these it becomes painfully apparent that it is just me. No fabulous team of writers, no amazing schedule of posts months out, just me and my daily posts. I am the person that is rarely sick, never misses a day of work, and definitely never misses a deadline. This has really been a challenging week for me, filled with missed deadlines, missed blog posts, and missed days at the studio. Not to mention, Piper’s first day of school on Monday, I missed that too. I know not every day is going to be perfect, and I am trying to be kind to myself. With that said, going back to bed now. Thank you for the most perfect, gorgeous image Elizabeth Messina, Kiss the Groom. xoxo


Photo by Elizabeth Messina

Mom Monday {lunchbox round-up}


With school starting soon I thought it would be fun to share a few lunchbox finds I have been collecting. I love how these are all eco-friendly, and the bento versions really help promote a healthy, well-balanced meal. Enjoy!


1 Reusable bamboo spoon and fork in one!!

2 Waste Free lunch kit

3 Leak-proof cooler bag/lunch box

4  A fun take on the bento box


5 The ultimate bento

6 Laptop lunches

7 The eco-lunchbox

8 Machine washable strawberry lunch bag

Huge Summer Sale!


If you haven’t already, be sure to take advantage of our summer sale going on in our Etsy shop right now! Everything is 30% off with promo code 30summer, and that includes customized invitations, cards, gifts and more! The shop is stocked with some brand new items. Sale ends tomorrow, don’t miss out! Happy shopping my lovelies!


Mom Monday {my clothes for Piper}


It has been such a gift that my mother kept some of my clothes from when I was a child. Ever since Piper was born my mother has been bringing age appropriate outfits that were mine as a child. It’s so much fun dressing Piper in some of these vintage treasures. Here is an outfit I thought I would share. The tank top (petit bateau) she has been wearing since she was one! It’s so soft, and I will be so sad when she grows out of it. And how adorable are the Jordache jeans?! Thanks mom! So grateful for these gifts.


Natural Tie Dye


As a child/teenager I had a complete obsession with tie dye. I am now having the urge to try my hand at tie dye using natural dyes. The first step…inspiration and research. Have any of you tried this technique before? Any tips?


Images via {1  2  3  4}