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Natural Tie Dye DIY Results


As promised here are the results of my natural tie dye project. One of the fun things about this was that I involved little miss Piper. She enjoyed watching the fabrics transform into colorful wonders. I will say the beets were the most disappointing. I thought they would be vibrant but the color came out super dull and almost a brown tone. Everywhere I read says to simmer your ingredients for about 1 hour, but I think the beets could have used less time. Next time I am going to try leaving the fabric overnight in the cooled liquid and see how that goes.


My favorite and most successful dyes were the Tumeric blends. I did one with tumeric and orange peels and then one with tumeric and onion skins. The results were vibrant and beautiful. The raspberries were nice, pretty pale, but a nice purple-pink color. Frozen blueberries were pale pink as well. I would LOVE to see your results if you give this a try!

How To {Tie Dye Naturally}


Tie Dye using natural homemade dyes can be a little intimidating so I thought I would simplify it for you. Once you look at these 3 easy steps you will see it’s completely doable, and it’s a lot of fun. Piper and I tried it out the weekend of my birthday a few weeks back. The results were definitely not always what I expected, and I have some ideas for next time. I will share my tips and tricks as well as my results tomorrow. For now, here is the process I used.


If you guys give it a try I would love to see your results!!

Mom Monday {Smitten with Yaya Lala}


Happy Mom Monday my friends! We had such a great time with family. I have to say, staying somewhere with no internet or phone access for days was quite liberating. Not something I am used to but it really makes you decompress and focus on the now. With that said, it’s good to be back in the swing of things. Today I have a treat for you. Something I am completely smitten with lately, these gorgeous shoes by Yaya Lala. I mean the details and craftsmanship are to die for!! Hope you enjoy!! xoxo


Family Vacation


I will be taking some much needed time off this week. We are visiting family in New York and making memories. Looking forward to catching up with you all next week! Xoxo


Mom Monday {A new normal}


It always encourages me and helps motivate me when I learn about people like Helene of French Foodie Baby. As I was feeding miss Piper her favorite new food discovery, fresh figs and blue cheese, I realized Helene’s mention of “a new normal” was not only exciting but I think possible. Here is a blurb from her great post : “I guess my point is that by practicing this in your home with your family, by giving thought to mindful eating, making it a parenting priority to give your children a lifelong love of a good meal, by embracing the process of cooking as something that ultimately, and in many different ways, makes our lives and that of our families better, by not giving up in the face of societal pressures, you are part of this movement as well. Your children might just consider any other way to nourish oneself an abnormality.” I love that she mentions societal pressures, because those are definitely my biggest obstacles. But knowing that what you are doing for you and your family is invaluable to their health and well being makes it worth it. I hope you will be inspired to try a few new recipes with your family this week like these delicious fig bites.


To make these fig bites cut the top step off the figs. Slice an “x” on the top and then use your fingers to pinch the sides of the figs to open it like a flower. Place a bit of soft blue cheese such as Cambozola inside and serve immediately or even better, bake them for a few minutes so the cheese gets nice and oozy! Enjoy!