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Mom Monday {Birthday wishes came true}


This past weekend was such a magical weekend I had to share some of the details with you. First of all I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday with family and a few close friends which just makes it so special. We began the birthday weekend with a surprise birthday scavenger hunt in Laguna Beach. My husband is so clever if I may say so. We had a blast. Here are a few of the items we checked off the list….


Now I am not sure if you recall my birthday wish I made on the blog right here, but let’s just say my family and my husband read the blog!! yay! Complete with the Arnhem Kimono I have been coveting, we enjoyed the most delicious oysters from the amazing Island Creek Oysters. I will say there were quite a few people that were unsure if they would like the oysters, but these were so fresh and so delicious they were all converted to Oyster lovers!! How fun is that? I wish I had a picture of the bucket filled with oysters, but to be honest everyone was eating them as soon as they were shucked!


Being with family and exposing Piper to celebrations like this where we can all be together is such a blessing. Feeling full of gratitude today!

Mom Monday {toddler must haves}


Oh how things have changed since the diaper bag days. I thought I would share a few of things you will most likely find in my purse these days.


1 not necessarily in my purse but definitely in the car, these slip on converse are a must for school and playing outdoors

2 a Cinderella book provides entertainment while at a restaurant or in the car

3 BPA free water bottle is essential

4 Honest Sunscreen is in my purse at all times

5 Wipes are always great to have on hand. My pick, Honest travel wipes

6 A snack is great to have and a mix of nuts and seeds keeps great in a little container in your purse for the week. photo via Raw Food Recipes

My Birthday Wish…


I’m back! not 100% but hey I’m here. So grateful to be able to get out of bed! With it being my birthday month and all, I can’t help conjuring up these fantastical birthday fantasies. What do you think of this one?


Eating fabulously fresh Island Creek oysters topped with bloody mary granita (I had them that way once, and it was completely divine).

Then sipping on some rosé, my summer beverage of choice, and of course my birthday would not be complete without a fabulous cheese plate. Image via Camille Styles.


Wearing one of these fabulous kimonos from Arnhem, that I am completely coveting, this wire flower child headband from Free People, and these fabulous Chloe ballet flats.

Reading about how to turn my garden into a bartenders garden with The Drunken Botanist.

Who’s with me?