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Family Getaway {Laguna Beach}


Happy New Year my friends! We are back and ready to make 2014 our best year yet! To start off our posts, I am sharing a quick fire idea to for all of you ready to get a away just for the weekend. Laguna Beach is one of my favorites with so many hidden treasures. It’s great for families, or even for a romantic getaway, sans kids. Enjoy!


Photos via {sunset magazine // every trail // visit california // Laguna Beat }

2013 Best of…Sparkle Wedding Ideas


Drum roll please…your favorite post was 5 Unique Sparkle Wedding ideas…so I thought I would give you 5 more to add to your list! Here you go my pretties!



why not blow a little glitter through the air for a unique photo opp!?  //  add some glitter to your shoes! // have your bridesmaids in some sparkle // glitter up your confetti bags // draw in a pile of glitter for your table numbers!

2013 Best of… {Natural Tie Dye}


Best-of-2013-natural-tie-dyeTieDye-1 TieDye-2 TieDye-3For the remainder of the year I am going to take you on a trip down memory lane. We will visit some of your favorites and some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy! One of your favorites this year was also one of my personal favorites. I took up natural tie dye on my birthday as a little birthday present to myself. Piper and my mom helped out and it was a perfect day. Next time I will definitely do things a bit differently, like not simmering my ingredients so long. I feel a lot of the true color boiled away…But that is part of the fun of natural tie dye. There is a lot of trial and error, and you may never get the same result twice!