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Wedding Style {Classic Angelic}


Here are a few inspirations I put together for a new custom wedding client. Loving this classic angelic vibe!


Blog Crush {Love Sarah Schneider}


I stumbled upon Sarah Schneider’s blog and I was instantly smitten. She had me at creating this fabulous Glamping birthday party for her daughter where all the moms and daughters camped out in this fabulous tent she got from Belgium…are you hooked yet?


If that wasn’t enough check out her collaboration with Anthropologie remodeling her airstream she named Wandering Star…sigh…


And then there is this adorable paper bag crowns DIY! I mean come on! In love I tell you!


In the Kitchen {“Ice Cream” Breakfast Parfait}


I am really loving experimenting with different fun breakfast ideas recently. Buckwheat Groats are my new favorite ingredient as they add great texture, are gluten free for those that are intolerant, and far surpass other grains in healthful properties and protein. Win win win! Making “ice cream” (basically blending up some frozen bananas with your choice of add ins) for breakfast will go over well in your household, I promise. Here is my latest recipe of choice. Raspberry, Chocolate Ice Cream Breakfast Parfait. Enjoy!

Ice Cream Breakfast Parfait | Wiley Valentine | Recipe, Gluten free, sugar free, healthy

Ice Cream Breakfast Parfait | Wiley Valentine | Recipe, Gluten free, sugar free, healthy

Mom Monday {Parisian Blush Todder Room}


I thought I would share with you some toddler room inspirations for those of you thinking of making that transition. I am loving this look, I have dubbed Parisian Blush. Think old world Paris + Chic Ballerina with some playfulness of course and voila!


Honeymoon/Vacay Wardrobe


Whether you are preparing for your honeymoon, or just getting away, here are a few of my favorites to take with you to the beach…

honeymoon/vacation wardrobe | Wiley Valentine

Magical Romance Inspired


I thought I would share some inspirations I gathered up for a new custom bride. Really loving this vibe…magical romance.

magicalromance magicalromance2

Friday Fun {Tufts + Ombre Oceans}


For today’s Friday Fun post, the inspiration to-go photo is a vintage tufted chair that is in our bar area at my home. Something about the fabric and the vintage beauty that I just love. This photo of the ocean seems to have the most incredible ombre colors. And I am dying to try this raw carrot cake recipe. It looks so moist and delicious!! Have a great weekend!