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6 Unique Signature Cocktails


With Memorial Day weekend coming up I find it the perfect excuse to create a signature cocktails. Who’s with me!? Here are a few unique ideas I am loving. What will you mix this weekend?


Grapefruit Sage Mimosa // Coconut Mojito


Blueberry Basil Lemon Smash //  Sweet Pea Cocktail  //  Citrus Margarita  //  Cucumber Ginger Gin Fizz

Studio Sneak Peek


There are a lot of exciting things happening over here. From our rebrand and new website launch coming up to a huge new product release, we are busy bees at the studio. Here is a tiny peek at what we are working on. Can’t wait to share more!


From choosing the perfect shade of mint, to a brand new line of gold foil cards and new gold foil TatCards. So excited for all that we are working on!! Stay tuned for more.


Quote of the day {life is a dance}


So I just watched my first Super Soul Sunday on the Own network with Arianna Huffington and it was amazing. I am totally hooked on the show. Something really amazing happened while I watched that episode. The oh so amazing and inspiring Hollye Jacobs was featured with a beautiful segment about her book, The Silver Lining, with Elizabeth Messina. Then as I was watching the screen, Oprah put a still of Hollye’s website I designed!! I almost fell over in my chair I kid you not. I even took a photo of my television. I know, totally nerding out, but I just thought I would share. Such a cool moment for me. Anyway this quote from Arianna on that episode really stuck with me…


Mom Monday {Frozen Party Inspirations}


Piper is turning 4 next month! 4!! I cannot believe it. With that being said, like most little girls right now, she is requesting a Frozen themed birthday party. Shocker I know. Here are a few inspriations I have so far…Invitations, think silver foil and bright blue paper…This is going to be fun!


1. What a great alternative to the synthetic main stream princess wigs they sell. This is so adorable, with the crown attached and everything!

2. Love this vintage inspired Arendelle poster

3. Diamond Ice bracelet favors

4. And of course snowflakes!

Working Moms Inspire Me


Being a working mom, there are days that can be so overwhelming. And yet it there is something so rewarding about it at the same time. There are many working moms in my life, and many I have never met yet they all really truly inspire me on a daily basis whether they know it or not. With mother’s day this weekend I thought it the perfect time to share with you just a few of these moms that I find constant inspiration and encouragement from.


Joy of Oh Joy, photo from here

Audrey of Urbanic Paper Boutique, photo from here

Camille Styles, photo from here



Melody of Sweet and Saucy, photo from here

Tori Hendrix of Sitting in a Tree Design, photo from here

Emily of Wiley Valentine, my business partner in crime

Who are your working mama inspirations? let’s celebrate them! Cheers to that thing we know as working motherhood lovely madness!