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Friday Fun {Wax Seals and a Bibimbap Bar)


Today’s inspiration to-go image is a snapshot of a custom invite we are working on right now. I just love the fun textural qualities of the different materials. A seagrass backer, a wax seal, Japanese rice paper and wax twine. And don’t forget the hand torn paper with a deep letterpress impression…Sigh…


Custom Holiday Cards


Every year around this time we get to create custom holiday cards for some fabulous clients. Below, I have shared a few of my favorites from last year. The fun thing about our cards is that they are truly something unique and different from the ones that your mailbox gets flooded with each year. We explore different print methods, papers, and formats to create something truly special. If you are looking for something unique and beautiful to send out this year we would love to work with you. You can view our 2015 holiday lookbook here for inspirations. Then simply drop us an email and we can get the process going!



I wish I was…{silk robes and bubble baths}


This sounds so good to me right now…a luxurious silk robe, a gorgeous hair adornment because why not?,¬† a heavenly bubble bath, and an icey strawberry cashew milk…sigh…


Mom Monday {Apple Pie Smoothie}


With our CSA basket overflowing with apples, as we enter apple season, I was inspired to try something new for our breakfast smoothies. This was a huge hit with the whole family. It’s packed with protein and full of apple pie flavors. This is definitely my new favorite smoothie combo. Use the milk of your choice to make it your own. Enjoy!


The Rose Gold Bride


One of my favorite trends among brides right now is the influence of rose gold. I love it because it can be modern, or classic, romantic or vintage, the possibilities are endless. Here are some inspirations I gathered for the Rose Gold Bride including one of my favorite invitation suites we created for a Sterling Social couple.


Mom Monday {Black and White Nursery}


So with baby on the brain, I am constantly looking for fun unique twists for a gender neutral nursery. I love the idea of black and white. Here are some inspirations to get your mind going. It’s such a modern, fun twist and there are so many black and white things out there right now for baby you could go wild!


The Latest Baby Gear


So I know it’s not a Mom Monday, but I have baby on the mind, with being 33 weeks and all. I am blown away with how much the baby gear has changed since I had Piper over 5 years ago. I mean some of this stuff seems not even real right? I would love hear from you guys what your favorite latest baby gear items are, or if you have any of the below let me know!