December 23, 2013

2013 Best of… {Natural Tie Dye}

For the remainder of the year I am going to take you on a trip down memory lane. We will visit some of your favorites and some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy! One of your favorites this year was also one of my personal favorites. I took up natural tie dye on my birthday as a little birthday present to myself. Piper and my mom helped out and it was a perfect day. Next time I will definitely do things a bit differently, like not simmering my ingredients...READ MORE

September 11, 2013

Natural Tie Dye DIY Results

As promised here are the results of my natural tie dye project. One of the fun things about this was that I involved little miss Piper. She enjoyed watching the fabrics transform into colorful wonders. I will say the beets were the most disappointing. I thought they would be vibrant but the color came out super dull and almost a brown tone. Everywhere I read says to simmer your ingredients for about 1 hour, but I think the beets could have used less time....READ MORE

September 10, 2013

How To {Tie Dye Naturally}

Tie Dye using natural homemade dyes can be a little intimidating so I thought I would simplify it for you. Once you look at these 3 easy steps you will see it's completely doable, and it's a lot of fun. Piper and I tried it out the weekend of my birthday a few weeks back. The results were definitely not always what I expected, and I have some ideas for next time. I will share my tips and tricks as well as my results tomorrow. For now, here is the process...READ MORE

July 25, 2013

Natural Tie Dye

As a child/teenager I had a complete obsession with tie dye. I am now having the urge to try my hand at tie dye using natural dyes. The first step...inspiration and research. Have any of you tried this technique before? Any tips? Images via {1  2  3 ...READ MORE

August 16, 2011

Host a craft party!

My favorite types of parties are always those with a craft involved. Here are some great diy project ideas for your next party. Be it a shower, a birthday or even just for the heck of it! How fun would it be to go home with some of these fabric pom poms or these brilliant pantone chip magnets! Go old school with these tie dye bags or these gorgeous jersey knit bracelets. In love with those. It could be as simple as a DIY drink bar, or a blast from...READ MORE