August 24, 2015

Mom Monday {Healthy Sweets Ideas}

When talking healthy food with other moms, the constant question I get is, "but what about the sweets? I can't give that up. It's too difficult and my child just loves sugar." Well here are some great ideas for sweets for your kid, refined sugar free...I can't wait to try some of these. Let me know if you try...READ MORE

May 11, 2015

Mom Monday {Pressed Juicery Freeze}

A few weekends ago I discovered Pressed Juicery Freeze, and I am madly in love. I have always had a love for frozen yogurt, but had an internal battle knowing all the yucky ingredients it contains. Pressed Freeze is the answer to my battle. They literally freeze their cold pressed juices and add nothing!! The toppings do not dissappoint, think chocolate sauce made of raw cacao, coconut oil and honey. Or drizzle almond butter and sprinkle shredded coconut...READ MORE

August 27, 2014

Healthy No Bake Desserts

I have been really excited about making fun, no-sugar, no-bake desserts. Here are a few of my favorites to try... ...READ MORE

June 23, 2014

Mom Monday {Healthy Desserts for Breakfast}

It's no secret that it can be difficult to get your kids to eat what you want them to eat, when you want them to eat it. These fabulous twists on traditional desserts make them enticing breakfast options for your kids, and they are packed with super foods and healthy goodness. Let me know if you give these a try. I personally cannot wait to try my hand at breakfast popsicles! For the recipes that don't have it, an easy way to boost these recipes is by...READ MORE

May 13, 2014

DIY Vegan Ice Cream

With the weather heating up I find myself craving ice cream on hot afternoons. Here are some basics for creating no sugar, vegan ice cream that is absolutely delicious and your whole family will enjoy it....READ MORE