March 3, 2009

a peak into Emily's house

I thought this would be fun to share some photos of Emily's house, and see where the Wiley part of the WV resides.  Emily lives in a small 1948 home in Santa Ana. She has completely redone the place to reflect her style, which I personally admire greatly! She has this knack for seeing things that are old, or cast off and making them into something beautiful. Take the chandelier for instance, a vintage old chandelier found on ebay that her and her...READ MORE

December 17, 2008

Magical Fairy House

This is something I treasure, that sits at my desk. It's a tiny little house made by Mary Wiley that Emily lent to me, to give me constant inspiration! The details in this piece are absolutely amazing, and it becomes clear why Mary Wiley's namesake is found in our company name. Mary created this tiny little world inside an old clock she hollowed out. She found gourds that she made into a tiny house, and a little umbrella. She made a little man (he...READ MORE