October 8, 2015

Custom Holiday Cards

Every year around this time we get to create custom holiday cards for some fabulous clients. Below, I have shared a few of my favorites from last year. The fun thing about our cards is that they are truly something unique and different from the ones that your mailbox gets flooded with each year. We explore different print methods, papers, and formats to create something truly special. If you are looking for something unique and beautiful to send out this...READ MORE

January 12, 2009

WV Holiday Timeline

This year we decided to do something a little different with our company holiday card. The card was hand letterpressed on extra heavy cardstock, tri-fold. On each panel the year was illustrated in a timeline fashion, giving you a glimpse into the world at Wiley Valentine. There were fun anecdotes about each employee, along with matching illustrations. The response was so great, many clients are wanting to adapt this same idea to other types of paper...READ MORE

December 19, 2008

WV Holiday Card Sneak Peak 2008

Well since I couldn't wait to share with you all the beautiful holiday cards we have been working on over here, I have put together some little details of my favorites. They range from letterpress, to flat printed, to our very first letterpress card with flat printed photos! Enjoy! Many of these cards are custom, while some are from our Holiday album. Stay tuned for the much anticipated Holiday II collection coming next...READ MORE