March 13, 2015

Friday Fun {Head in the Clouds}

Today's inspiration to-go photo is of this simple beautiful squash that arrived in my CSA basket. The color of it against the white marble just had...READ MORE

January 16, 2015

Friday Fun {a tea in portland}

The inspiration to-go pic for today comes from such a perfect moment I had in Portland last weekend...sipping my delicious tea, sitting in a window seat at Tasty NĀ Alder, waiting for my breakfast, enjoying a moment with my husband. We also had some really good Banh Mi in the airport of all places on our way home from Portland. From one of their infamous food this recipe for tofu Banh Mi caught my eye...need to try! Happy weekend...READ MORE

December 5, 2014

Friday Fun {rainbow trees & hot cocoa}

The inspiration to-go today comes from these rainbow eucalyptus trees we saw in Hawaii. The colors are so unreal! Also loving this hand lettering by Tobias Saul. The cold weather is really making me want to make this hot cocoa sweetened with dates. Yum! Happy weekend...READ MORE