August 24, 2015

Mom Monday {Healthy Sweets Ideas}

When talking healthy food with other moms, the constant question I get is, "but what about the sweets? I can't give that up. It's too difficult and my child just loves sugar." Well here are some great ideas for sweets for your kid, refined sugar free...I can't wait to try some of these. Let me know if you try...READ MORE

August 17, 2015

Mom Monday {Dipping Sauce Dinner}

For those of you with picky eaters, this is such a great option for lunch or dinner. The fact that you are giving them options and control over their dinner really seems to resonate with little ones. Plus it's super easy. Make sure to use a variety of vegetables as your "dippers" in a range of colors, for a rainbow effect. For the bean dip I just mixed beans with plain yogurt and garlic powder and voila! Let me know if you give it a try. It will even work...READ MORE

July 7, 2015

In the kitchen {Roasted Chickpeas}

So my new favorite snack are these roasted chickpeas. Bonus, they are kid approved, Piper loves them too. They are super easy and so yummy. Great to whip up if you are doing some last minute entertaining, or if you need a snack. The fun thing about these is you can really make any flavor combo you like. This just happens to be our household favorite. Try parmesan and rosemary orĀ  garlic and cayenne for a...READ MORE

June 16, 2015

What’s For Dinner – 5 Ideas

Here are some inspirations for dinner this week. Healthy, vegetarian, yummy options for the whole family to enjoy. I can't wait to try out some of these! Bon...READ MORE

June 8, 2015

Mom Monday {superfood yogurt}

Ditch the flavored yogurt and make your own, packed with superfood goodness. Your kids will love this and so will you...promise! This is my new favorite thing. To make it fun for the kids, offer them small bowls of the optional toppings and let them personalize their own yogurt bowl for a delicious and healthy...READ MORE