May 15, 2015

Friday Fun {Typography + Falafels}

Today's inspiration to-go image is our CSA basket this week. The produce is changing, and it's so fun to see what we will get next. Our CSA basket is from South Coast Farms, who we love. CSA's are a great way to get fresh, local, organic produce and integrate healthy real foods into your diet. Here's a great way to search for one near you by zip...READ MORE

November 25, 2013

Mom Monday {super easy zucchini chips}

I was looking at the huge pile of zucchinis we had from our CSA basket, thinking what can I do with these that everyone would just love? I came up with these super easy zucchini chips. They are so simple, and so delicious. They work for a snack, for an appetizer when you are having impromptu guests, or along side dinner. Your kids will love these I swear! And so will...READ MORE

March 7, 2013

Recipes I can't wait to try…

With my CSA basket changing with the seasons, I find myself constantly trying out new recipes. Things I would never have even thought of. The beauty of CSA I guess. Here are a few recipes that I am really excited to try. All from some of my favorite food people I might add... 1  2  3  4 ...READ MORE

December 12, 2008

Mr. French Genius

Mr. French has always been an inspiration to me. From their completely ingenious promotions that have turned into collectors items, to their new line of products. CSA Design, known for its humor and clever designs is the creator of Mr. French. CSA has some amazing images that I had to share. Check out the money inspired jeans tag, and that martini mix packaging! WOW! Now because I am still not over the fact that Old Navy does not have wrapping paper...READ MORE