August 21, 2015

Friday Fun {lettering and coconuts}

Today's inspiration to-go image comes from my birthday dinner last weekend at Social. I really wanted a coconut with a straw in it...low and behold they had a cocktail served in a coconut so they made me a virgin one and voila! Birthday dreams come...READ MORE

May 26, 2015

Wish I was…Fiji + Coconuts

Is it wrong after a long weekend to imagine myself on a white sandy beach somewhere with a chilled coconut beverage? Well here is my "Wish I was" for the...READ MORE

April 17, 2015

Friday Fun {drink edition}

I am a total sucker for this champagne packaging. I mean seriously so gorgeous! In honor of that we have a drink inspired Friday Fun post today....READ MORE

August 27, 2014

Healthy No Bake Desserts

I have been really excited about making fun, no-sugar, no-bake desserts. Here are a few of my favorites to try... ...READ MORE