March 18, 2014

In the Kitchen {hydrating ice tea latte}

This is my new afternoon pick me up. The aromas from the Paromi coconut almond tea are so amazing I promise you. Simply make your tea. Chill. Then add 1/4 cup Harmless Harvest coconut water and your milk of choice (half and half, almond milk). Serve over ice and enjoy. Best...READ MORE

February 27, 2014

5 ways to a natural glow

A few of my favorite tips to get that natural glow. Wear these pants while doing Tracy Anderson Dance Aerobics Drink this, the only coconut water worth drinking if you don't want to crack open a coconut yourself. Apply a little of this Brightening Complex from Organic Pharmacy Thumb through the pages of this new book by The Glow. Pre-order...READ MORE