August 20, 2015

I wish I was…{pajamas and ice coffee}

I suppose it could be that I am entering my 3rd trimester, but my "I wish I was" post has gone from beaches, bikinis & cocktails, to soft cozy beds, luxurious pajamas and ice coffees. Here is my latest...READ MORE

January 20, 2014

Mom Monday {Best Almond Milk EVER!}

Ok so Piper and I have a new obsession lately. It's this milk we have been making together. It's not technically just an Almond Milk, but for lack of a better name (I am open to suggestions), we have named it the best Almond Milk EVER! There are several secret ingredients which include dates and salted macadamia nuts as well as some cashews. This has turned into our "treat". When we want something sweet its the perfect thing. Serve it chilled or even over...READ MORE