March 13, 2017

Baby Registry with Baby Cubby

There are constantly new fun baby products coming out that sometimes when registering or looking for a gift for a baby shower, it can be super overwhelming. Having a 16 month old I  found myself thrust back into the baby world and made so many new discoveries. With that in mind I created the ultimate baby shower gift guide for you together with Baby Cubby. They have all of my most favorite baby items, so I put them together for you here in a handy guide....READ MORE

June 14, 2016

Emily’s Baby Shower

FINALLY! I am so excited to finally show you the gorgeous images from Emily's baby shower photographed by the amazing Andrea Patricia. When we started talking about the arrival of Emily's second baby girl and the idea of a shower, Emily really wanted something simple, intimate and cozy. Bingo! We decided to gather her closest friends and family and have a cozy dinner party. Nili Stevens Inspired Living, my co-host and planner extraordinaire made all the...READ MORE

October 28, 2015

Have Patience & My Baby Shower

As my due date approaches (less than 2 weeks) I have to remind myself to have patience. This little one will arrive when he or she is ready. In the meantime I have other distractions like my baby shower being featured on Camille Styles yesterday!! So excited about it. Check out all the details here. The photo below is from my shower, by the amazing Andrea Patricia...READ MORE

February 3, 2015

Whimsy Party Inspirations

I have these daydreams of having a party inspired by things like The Black Apple and a magical fairy land. I love this vibe for a shower or birthday party! There are endless possibilities for...READ MORE