April 10, 2017

Mom Monday {Kitchen Hacks}

As parents, we are always looking for the quick way to get things done, the simplest. I thought I would start sharing some of my kitchen hacks that I use regularly to get things done quick without compromising on health and nutrition. This is one I just recently started doing and it's a total game changer. We get a CSA basket every 2 weeks and we always end up with an excess of greens. I typically throw away the beet greens, because I know I just won't...READ MORE

February 8, 2016

Mom Monday {A Few of My Favorite Things}

Yay! First mom monday since I have returned from maternity leave. So excited to be back at it. Let's talk about a few of my favorite things. These are things I truly can't live without, and ended up being some of my all time favorite baby things for miss Greyson. What are your favorite things? Am I missing out on something amazing? Let's talk diapers...the honest diapers are amazing and I LOVE that I get to choose from all those fun patterns....READ MORE

June 20, 2011

Mom Monday {Inspired gifts for kids}

When I first spotted these gift kits at Seed People's Market, I was overwhelmed. Made by Seedling, a company based out of New Zealand, each gift aims to inspire a child and give them something to create. From creating your own boardgame, to designing a tutu, to making your own kaleidoscope, the options are endless. It's such a great gift to give your child since it's also something you can do together. I am a big believer in creating memories with your...READ MORE

April 18, 2011

Mom Monday {hot list}

I have put together some hot items for kids that I just absolutely adore. Handmade wings from Atsuyo et Akiko spotted on the brand new Lucky Kids Mag. The most adorable vintage kids clothes you have ever seen from the Littlest Shop. I must have this wooden book via Acorn Toy Shop also spotted on Lucky Kids Mag. Have you seen the new Stella McCartney kids line? To die for, seriously, this winged suit is just too cute right!? BlaBla kids is ALWAYS on my...READ MORE