June 9, 2014

Mom Monday {homemade flavored almond milk}

It's no secret I am a huge fan of almond milk. So I started playing around with different flavors. These make the best dessert for my little one, and there is no sugar in any of these! So brilliant, the dates make them quite sweet, and they are super delicious, organic, and a great, healthy alternative to the regular flavored milks kids tend to like. Simply follow the instructions for the regular almond milk here. Then add the strained milk back to...READ MORE

March 31, 2014

Mom Monday {7 alternatives to almond milk}

If you have mastered the art of making your own almond milk, it's time to expand your horizons. These plant based milks really are outside of the box, and I am just dying to try my hand at these. Think seeds, grains, coconut...! Yum! Coconut Milk made from shredded coconut Cacao Milk  //  Oat Milk  //  Quinoa Milk  //  Pumpkin Seed Milk Hemp Milk  //  Rice...READ MORE

January 20, 2014

Mom Monday {Best Almond Milk EVER!}

Ok so Piper and I have a new obsession lately. It's this milk we have been making together. It's not technically just an Almond Milk, but for lack of a better name (I am open to suggestions), we have named it the best Almond Milk EVER! There are several secret ingredients which include dates and salted macadamia nuts as well as some cashews. This has turned into our "treat". When we want something sweet its the perfect thing. Serve it chilled or even over...READ MORE

June 3, 2013

Mom Monday {Homemade Almond Milk}

After my post last week on Almond Pulp cookies I had several people email me asking how to make homemade almond milk. It super easy, and I prefer it to the store bought stuff because there's nothing in it but goodness. The pulp that you have left over once you strain your milk, will be the base for the cookies. I also started making my soaked oats with the almond milk and it is absolutely delicious this way. Even just over ice with a dash of cinnamon and...READ MORE

May 28, 2013

Best Almond Pulp Cookies Ever!!

So if you have ever made almond milk I am sure you have wondered "what do I do with all of this pulp that is left over once I strain the milk?". Well here you go. I played around with this, and came up with the best cookie recipe ever. The cookies are moist and delicious and we all loved them. I made an alternate batch with fresh strawberries and raspberries which may be my personal favorite. Let me know if you guys try...READ MORE