Holiday Style Tabletop Edition

I cannot believe as I write this Thanksgiving is only a week away. We are hosting again this year and I am absolutely NOT prepared. Like at all. I suppose I should order my turkey right? Well in light of this I thought I would share some super easy tips to get your Thanksgiving, or holiday tables styled out. Things that you don’t need to spend hours doing, because let’s be honest, who has that kind of time, especially during this time of year. For example I am loving the idea of creating edible place cards. Whether its something like these mini baguettes, or a tiny rosemary plant, miniature pumpkins, or even a sprig of a fresh herb from your garden tucked into the napkin. Simple touches like these can really elevate your tabletop for not only Thanksgiving but Christmas or Hannuka as well. Incorporating a key serving piece like this brass inlay marble tray from Anthropologie can really make your cheese plate or snack platter shine. I love the idea of collecting simple fresh ingredients from your local farmers market and displaying them simply but beautifully like this vegan platter.