Mom Monday {Purple Power}

Happy Mom Monday friends. Today’s post is something very near and dear to my heart. My mother-in-law is one of strongest, most inspiring women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She also has Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. Her strength and determination shows so clearly in her launch of Purple Power. The mission of Purple Power is to “eradicate Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer completely, while being the steadfast support and advocate for those diagnosed with this terrible disease.  Daunting?  Perhaps, but one thing is certain, their diligence and faith will move mountains.  Adversity is only a deterrent, if you allow it to affect and disable you.” It would mean the world to me if you would check out her new site, and if you are moved to do so, donate. Unfortunately most of us are touched by cancer whether it is ourselves or our family or friends. She is on a mission to kick cancers butt and with our help I truly believe she can get there. Thanks for letting me share something so personal with you all today.