Mom Monday {Personalized Gifts with a Twist}

Personalized gifts have been definitely on trend for quite some time, but these gifts take personalization to a whole new level. What a fabulous gift these would make!


I absolutely adore these custom wooden dolls by Goose Grease. (spotted on the adorable Tori Hendrix’s instagram) These custom watercolor paintings by Diary Sketches on Etsy are divine. And of course the wildly popular Sophie and Illi dolls. All of these items are created from your descriptions and a provided photo!! How great is that?


The idea of creating jewelry from someone’s handwriting, like this one from Capuccine, is so sentimental, I just love it! And imagine as a child, drawing a creature of your imagination and then receiving a plush doll of that very thing! This is exactly what Child’s Own does, how magical is that!?


These silhouette portraits from Nella Designs have a great graphic punch. And these bespoke hand drawn family portraits by Blanka Illustrations have such a great contemporary feel to them.