A new Way to Eat {Ferry Building Style}

It is not a secret I am a HUGE fan of the Ferry Building in SF. It just really encompasses everything I love about food. From local, and sustainable, to delicious and offering a wide variety of options, I LOVE. The coolest things about this is that it has inspired spots in Southern California to do the same thing…Right in my own back yard!! So what is Ferry Building Style eating you say? Here are some criteria:


First up we have The OC Mix in Costa Mesa. Fabulous outdoor eating areas, a variety of food as well as gift shops. A beautiful spot.

ferry-bldg-style-eating2 ferry-bldg-style-eating3

Next up, The Packing House in Anaheim. Recently opened this new hotspot has everything from a Popsicle bar, to a Grilled Cheese bar. Count me in!ferry-bldg-style-eating4

Lastly we have Grand Central Market in downtown LA. This is not a new spot at all, however since it’s recent renovations, it has been receiving a lot of attention including one of Bon Appetit magazine’s Hot New Restaurants in America. Really loving that this style of eating/shopping is spreading. You can truly make a day of it!