Mom Monday {fun free things to do with your kids}

There are so many simple, free yet super fun things to do with the kids. Here are a few of my favorites. Think easy, local, and sometimes those simple pleasures turn out to be some of the most memorable family experiences.


Look into local trails near your house. It doesn’t have to be intense, start simple and see how your family handles easy short hikes first.

Visit the playgrounds in your area.

Pack a lunch and take it to a local park. Find a nice shady secluded spot under a tree, and voila, a magical afternoon.


Now this may seem like the most obvious, but I have to say, it’s one of Piper’s favorite activities. Swim suit ready, Daddy sprays the hose in a sprinkler fashion, and she frolics in the water. Pure joy, as you can see from the photos above. I would love to hear what your go to activities are with your family? Share them in the comments below.