Mom Monday {the story behind Fashions by Mayhem}

I first ran across this adorable mother and daughter  as they began to fill up my social media feed. With posts on Huffington Post, Pop Sugar, and Buzz Feed it was hard to miss. With no fashion background, and little arts and crafts skills, Angie and her daughter nicknamed Mayhem, are whipping up the most amazing dresses I have ever seen….out of mostly construction paper or things found around the house! They share the tasks 50/50 and they are inspired by “Mayhem” and her love for fashion, at just 4 years old. I mean how can you not fall in love with these 2 right!?


But as I did a little digging, I found that “Mayhem” has some serious food allergies including one to tree nuts. But instead of focusing on what they can’t do, they try and focus on what they can do. They also have been diving in to the truth about the food in this country, which can be frightening, frustrating, but also empowering. I am so glad to see they are taking such a positive outlook on  it and celebrating “Mayhem’s” passion for fashion.


I also learned that when things exploded for the duo, Angie decided to stay grounded, focus on what is really important, the joy of making dresses with her daughter. That’s not to say we won’t be seeing more of their incredible creations, but I truly admire her willingness to step back and try and just take in a few offers at a time so as not to make it into something that was no longer fun for them.


And tell me you are not completely inspired to dig up that stack of construction paper and try your hand at dress making with your little one!? I know I am. Thanks Angie for sharing your magical world with us all. Be sure to follow her on instagram for a daily dose of fabulous.