My Day at the 2014 Spirit Awards

So some of you may have seen from my instagram this weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Film Independent Spirit Awards. I thought it would be kind of fun to recount my day for you guys since it was such a unique and exciting experience.


We arrived on time, which meant we arrived prior to most of the stars. We walked the red carpet, in this case, blue carpet. I have never seen so much paparazzi. It was crazy! As the actors began to arrive we watched some of the red carpet in action. They just yell the actor’s name over and over, and they pose and pose. So surreal.



Prior to the awards ceremony, there was a cocktail hour. We hung out mostly in the Lincoln tent which was complete with a lounge area, bloody marys, mimosas, and a mini bagel bar. Really well done.



So yes, this actually happened. One of the most surreal experiences I have had…I met Jared Leto! He took home the award that night for best supporting actor, prior to his Oscar win.


The dinner was set up in a beautiful dining room, in a way that it just felt you were at a party with all these actors! And the guest list, read like the Oscars, including Brad and Angelina, Reese Witherspoon, Matthew Mcconaughey, and my personal favorite Lupita Nyong’o. Lupita was so eloquent, stunning, and sweet in person. The tables were set beautifully with a gorgeous food spread, along with bottles of Pitron and wine! The food was delicious.


We mingled with the stars as we all waited for our cars!


Overall it was a really amazing event. Intimate, beautifully executed, and every detail thought of. Hope you enjoyed my little recap my friends.