Lavha {essential oil jewelry}

I was lucky enough to receive a Lavha bracelet for the holidays from a dear friend and I have been completely obsessed with my bracelet. They are not only gorgeous, but have such a unique concept to them. You dab high-grade essential oils on the lava beads to enhance your mood, and the gemstones also contain healing properties. I love that you can shop for a bracelet that fits a particular person ie. The Dreamer, The Calm One, or the Visionary. What a perfect bridesmaid gift don’t you think!!??


From Jessica the one of the masterminds behind LavHa:

“LavHa started when I moved into my neighborhood and Nancy and I met. We both had a background in western medicine and I had a passion and interest in eastern medicine and she has her doctorate in Holistic Nutrition. Nancy was already making and passionate about yoga bracelets using gemstones and learning about their healing properties. I had been using essential oils for years and introduced her to medical grade oils (the purest on the market). We started talking and LavHa just “happened”. I don’t know how else to describe it.

We started to design bracelets using our combined knowledge of stones and oils. We believe that when you combine the mental and physical healing properties of the stones and oils, they amplify each other. The bracelets act as a personal diffuser, through the lava stone. Each bracelet is made with high grade gemstones and at least one lava stone that acts as a natural diffuser. The oils will, microscopically, absorb into your skin and you have the aromatherapy benefit as you wear them as well. You put a drop on each lava bead and it absorbs the oils and will diffuse the oils for up 3 or more days.

The name LavHa come from combining “lava”, which represent the “power of the fire within”, and Ha, which means “breath of life” in Hawaiian.
We are excited to also “give back” and use our jewelry as a way to make the world a better place by giving part of our profit to non-profits, but also by spreading health and wellness both emotionally and physically to those that benefit from wearing our creations.”

Thanks so much Jessica for sharing the thoughts and intentions behind your beautiful products!! You can see the rest of her collection here.