Mom Monday {The Switch Witch}

Halloween is not my favorite holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I love the costumes, and the act of trick or treating with the little ones is loads of fun. But the candy itself just feels so wrong to me. Filled with all the things we, as a family, try to avoid, chemicals, GMO’s, yucky non-food stuff. So this halloween we started a new tradition. Something I read about the morning of Halloween on Healthy Child’s Blog, the Swtich Witch, an idea from Healthy Happy Tot. We had Piper leave her basket of candy out by the fireplace, and the told her the Switch Witch would be visiting. She would switch out the candy for a special present. Piper could not have been happier with this idea, and the next morning when she saw her new Sophia princess dress, she was overjoyed. This made me so happy, and I love this new tradition. I know that this is a controversial topic, and I know there is not one right way to do things, but this just really works for us, and I hope it will inspire other families to do the same. I made us a batch of raw, sugar-free chocolate peanut butter cups to enjoy Halloween night, which were such a fabulous treat. You can find the recipes here. ¬†For families that might not want to give out candy, but also don’t want to be the house with the raisins, why not try little tiny toys. You can buy toys like this in bulk for very inexpensive. Or why not try UnReal candy, I just discovered over on Style Me Pretty Living the other day! Happy Mom Monday my friends.



  • katie

    Couldn’t agree more. Just wanted to lyk that my family totally agrees with you on this. My oldest is almost 5 and we have been the house that gives out tattoos and toys. We make festive healthy treats all week long and give the kids fun gift baskets when they turn in their candy. I can’t believe how controversial this is, it shouldn’t be!

    • Wiley Valentine

      Katie, this is so great to hear that I am not the only one!

  • Casey

    The Switch Witch visited our house a day later. I had heard about her the day of Halloween and didn’t get my act together but she left Makena princess play doh and a couple pieces of candy to enjoy (daddy felt it was not in the spirit to take it all away). She was happy and has had enough “treats” the last few weeks to last her until next year!!

    • Wiley Valentine

      Yay! Love it Casey!