Mom Monday {Super Quick Lentil Salad}

I was talking to my girlfriends this weekend about make ahead dinner ideas, and this is one of my favorites. Now that you have mastered the perfect lentils, here is a super quick easy recipe for you to make the best lentil salad. The best thing about this salad, is that you can really just add any seasonal fruits and vegetables and voila! I have made it with feta cheese and olives or apples, shallots and blue cheese. And like I mentioned in the last post, there are so many flavors happening you really don’t need dressing! Promise!


The key to making this super quick, is to make a big batch of lentils, say on Sunday, then you can use it throughout the week. Just add veggies and enjoy! Chop up the below, add to lentils and you have your salad. It’s that easy.


Get creative with it. I would love to here your versions you come up with!! Happy Mom Monday my friends.