5 Great Craft Party Ideas

I am a big fan of having some sort of activity or craft at a party. Here are a few of my favorite ideas. These can be used for bachelorette parties, showers, birthdays, or just because.


1. DIY Terrariums! | create a Terrarium bar, all set up with all the fixings. Give simple instructions and let the guests do the rest.

2. Flower Friendship bracelets | have guests dip dye their ribbons and adorn their wristlets with pretty flowers, real or faux.

3. Make your own Craft Brew | I have always wanted to try making my own beer, so what fun would it be to do it with a big group drinking all the while!

4. Sugar Scrub Bar | create a bar filled with the sugar scrub base and then different mix-ins to allow guests to customize their own sugar scrub.

5. DIY Herb Gardens | I love the idea of allowing guests to pick their seeds & plant tiny herb gardens.

  • Oh, the beer brewing parties we’ve had! Although after hour 2 or 3, everyone wants to go home and you end up stirring a giant pot of beer tea with the die-hard beer drinkers!