My Birthday Wish…

I’m back! not 100% but hey I’m here. So grateful to be able to get out of bed! With it being my birthday month and all, I can’t help conjuring up these fantastical birthday fantasies. What do you think of this one?


Eating fabulously fresh Island Creek oysters topped with bloody mary granita (I had them that way once, and it was completely divine).

Then sipping on some rosé, my summer beverage of choice, and of course my birthday would not be complete without a fabulous cheese plate. Image via Camille Styles.


Wearing one of these fabulous kimonos from Arnhem, that I am completely coveting, this wire flower child headband from Free People, and these fabulous Chloe ballet flats.

Reading about how to turn my garden into a bartenders garden with The Drunken Botanist.

Who’s with me?