Mom Monday {Superfood Granola}

I am finally sharing my secret Superfood Granola recipe. I gave this granola to close friends and family¬†for the holidays, and ever since they keep asking me for the recipe (or a refill). The thing I love about this granola is that typically store bought granola is filled with sugars and is definitely not as healthy as it may appear. This granola is sweetened by just a little bit of honey and dates. This recipe over on Relishing It is the basis for my recipe. I made some adjustments to make it my own. It’s a bit of work, but once you have it made it will last for weeks and provide you with an almost instant breakfast for the entire family!


I actually make batches of this whenever we travel. That way we have a great healthy breakfast or snack no matter where we are in our travels, and I can feel great about what we are eating on the go!


I hope you all will enjoy this with your families! Happy Mom Monday!

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