Mom Monday {the healthy smoothie your kids will love}

This post was inspired by my friend Chandra of Oh Lovely Day. This post really struck a cord, and reminded me why I am so passionate about helping parents with kids & food. So with that said…I will be announcing the dates of the next Food to Love¬†workshop soon. Spaces will be limited so be sure to snag your tickets while you can. With Chandra in mind, I am sharing a daily recipe in our home, the breakfast smoothie. This is something I make for Piper daily, she absolutely LOVES it and I can feel great about what she is eating. We actually all enjoy this as a family. It’s quite filling, and makes a great breakfast (although my growing girl also needs oatmeal or an egg).


I make my smoothie with homemade Kefir, but the smoothie works great with any sort of milk. If you are using store bought almond milk be sure to check the sugar content, as many can be packed with sugars.


The smoothies tend to be seasonal, so apples are big right now. It’s fun to mix it up as different fruits and vegetables come into season. Beets are great and make the smoothie a fantastic color. Peaches are fun too! Have fun with it.